We put numbers through sensations. Do you want to join us?

20 December, 2012 — by OrbeaInvestigation & analysis, Our videos, Technology, Users

In our Disusbi innovation project we are in a stage where we are subjecting to various models in the trail bike category to extensive testing to analyze the performance of their suspensions as well as their pedaling efficiency. How are we carrying all this out? You can’t miss what’s coming next. We never stop innovating!

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The truth machine. We visit the CEIT

13 October, 2012 — by OrbeaGallery, Investigation & analysis, Technology, Users

Have you ever thought what happens in our mountain bike when pedaling? Do you know how pedaling forces and pressure on the saddle and handlebar affect in performance? At Advanced Dynamics we never stop innovating. Our next step is to bring us into a world unknown to many, and thanks to the excellent work of CEIT (Centre for Studies and Technical Research of Gipuzkoa) we have sensorized an Orbea Occam to put figures through your feelings. Continue reading this new

New Orbea Oiz. Advanced Dynamics at its best

7 September, 2012 — by OrbeaInvestigation & analysis, Technology, Users

Designed to meet the demands of all types of cross country riders, from World Cup racers the most enthusiastic biker, new trends of lighter cross country bikes and the best technology available at the moment  result in the redesigned Oiz model. Again, Advanced Dynamics shows we never stop innovating.

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Occam 26 – Occam 29. Which one is for me?

25 August, 2012 — by OrbeaInvestigation & analysis, Technology, Users

Occam 26 or Occam 29?

At Advanced Dynamics we have developed these two new models where the size of your wheels is their most significant aesthetic difference. But are both models comparable and have the same approach? From our blog we want to clarify this as well as point out this and other important details.
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New Occam 29. New result of Advanced Dynamics technology

9 August, 2012 — by OrbeaInvestigation & analysis, Our videos, Technology, Users


Occam 29, the fastest and most efficient bike in the market

Advanced Dynamics succeeds again. The most complete software ever created for the development of full-suspension bikes which sees the cyclist and his own influence on the performance of the mountain bike as well as riding dynamic variables themselves, becomes key to the creation of this new Occam 29. Following the introduction of the Occam with 26 inch wheels in 2012, unarguably the leader in Trail cathegory, here it is the new Occam 29. A striking aesthetics, state-of-the-art finishes and performance that will leave no one indifferent. The best pedaling efficiency, greater control and stability of larger diameter wheels come together in this new model that becomes the perfect bike and new benchmark in the long distance XC-Trail segment.

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26″ or 29″? Which is your bet?

8 July, 2012 — by OrbeaUsers

The big wheel market is booming, we have no doubt! In addition to rigid bikes that are slowly gaining more and more popularity, on the full suspension cross country-trail side we can find many options and, undoubtedly, more and more users are turning to the fever of the 29 inches. Are you tired of the routine? Want to try something new and think a 29er is for you? Continue reading this new

26 or 29 inches?

26 June, 2012 — by OrbeaUsers

Which wheel diameter is your favourite? Do you prefer the “all time” 26 inch wheels or do you bet for the big 29 inch wheelers? Leave a comment about it on your preferences

Welcome you all, curious minds!

14 May, 2012 — by OrbeaGallery, Investigation & analysis, Our videos, Technology, Users

What is Advanced Dynamics? What is this blog about? What am I expected to find here? If you’re acquainted with Orbea’s full suspension bikes, you must be familiar with the term ‘Advanced Dynamics.’ Our Rallon and Occam models were developed out of the Advanced Dynamics Program. Their innovative rear suspension systems were fully optimized to deliver the best performance in this sector. So now what? No, we’re not nuts. This is Orbea’s first blogging experience on the study and analysis of full suspension bikes. Here we want to show you what we do and how we do it. We want to share what we’ve learned with you, and we want you to be part of this. If you like full suspension bikes and how they work, this is the right place for you. Welcome! Continue reading this new


9 May, 2012 — by OrbeaInvestigation & analysis

Disusbat is the original mountain bike rear suspension mechanical design project carried out by Orbea and the Center of Studies and Technical Research (CEIT) from 2006 to 2008.

Goals: To improve software-based design methods, considering rider comfort, safety and pedaling efficiency for better designed rear suspension bikes by Orbea. Continue reading this new

Advanced Dynamics

6 May, 2012 — by OrbeaInvestigation & analysis


Advanced Dynamics is a software-based design method. It is a software program used to calculate the actual performance of a full suspension bike, considering not only the technical parameters and component behaviors affecting performance but also the factors introduced by the cyclist, such as their weight or the effect of pedal strokes on optimal performance. Continue reading this new