• 2003

    Starship Kilo: · First Orbea XC frame made with Alu 6000 and Triple Butted Tubes. Iñaki Lejarreta won the Junior World Championships in 2000. Marga Fullana won several WC races in 2003. Carlos Coloma, Cedric Ravanel, Cecile Rode and Roberto Lezaun were other top riders that rode the Starship.


  • 2006

    The Alma is born, Orbea’s first carbon MTB model: XC Geometry, Four Point Triangle Technology and Monocoque Construction.
    2007 Julien Absalon wins the XC World Cup.


  • 2007

    The Alma 29 is born: The world’s first production carbon 29” MTB: XC Geometry, Four Point Triangle Technology and Monocoque Construction.
    2008 Julien Absalon wins a Gold Medal in the Olympic XC event.
    2009 Julien Absalon wins a third consecutive XC World Cup title on the Alma (2007, 2008, 2009)


  • 2010

    Second generation of the Alma 26: Four Point Triangle evolution to 4x4 Technology, Monocoque, DCR and SSN.
    2010 The Alma wins a Eurobike Award.
    2011 Catharine Pendrel wins the UCI XC World Championship.


  • 2011

    Second generation of the Alma 29: · Four Point Triangle evolution to 4x4 Technology, Monocoque, DCR and SSN.
    2012 Georgia Gould rides the Alma 29 to a Bronze medal in the London Olympic Games XC Event.



The Alma is the reference in the leading races around the world. It has won legendary XC circuits, accompanying top elite athletes. And this is something you don't get all at once. It is achieved through innovation and development, work that led to the creation of the XC bike with the latest technologies in the market. Do you need still more reasons to choose it? Well, we have one more reason: it also comes in black.




Georgia Gould, Katerina Nash, Catharine Pendrel




Luna Chix is the oldest and most successful MTB and XTERRA pro team. The Luna Chix women have participated in the Olympic Games (Georgia Gould earned bronze in London 2012), have won MTB world championships (Catharine Pendrel, Champéry 2011) and XTERRA events; they have lifted the UCI MTB World Cup title three times, and have taken five National Xterra Championships in USA, Canada and the Czech Republic.



The new Alma's geometry grows linearly, and with this concept, the smaller sizes come with 27.52"" wheels while the bigger ones use 29"" wheels.
We believe size matters: the bigger the better. This is why we approach sizes considering users' height. Depending on how tall users are, we offer them bikes with 27.5” or 29” wheels.



The 4x4 design allows us to improve upon the stiffness and strength inherent in a typical front or rear triangle in order to maximize comfort as well as efficiency. We’ve modified the front and rear triangles by adding a short fourth member, essentially creating a quadrangle. Forces applied to our 4x4 design are mitigated by deflection at the joints. This small amount of flexure is part of the design, and it is what makes our hardtails so comfortable. All this comes with no decrease in torsional stiffness and resistance to your power input. Reach the finish line faster and fresher with 4x4.


Monocoque guarantees a carbon structure with optimum performance and long term reliability, and it’s the only way we’ve ever done it. We mold the one-piece structures so that each tube is connected to the next, with continuous fibers through each critical juncture. As you ride, your bike will be subjected to a variety of forces – tension, compression, torsion, etc. Our monocoque frames allow optimal distribution of these forces over the entire structure because of the perfect fusion of the composite materials. This is why we can offer a lifetime warranty. Monocoque assures a stable structure with properties that are guaranteed not to change over time.

Alma is also available in Hydroformed Aluminun to offer the most complete range.


We've created the Internal DCR system to ensure that you get the best performance possible. The heart of our Direct Cable Routing system is a cable set that provides a sealed inner wire for the complete length of each cable. Without the possibility of contamination and the higher drag inherent in traditional housing, Internal DCR reduces friction in the system by up to 25%. You'll have a lighter and more precise feel at the levers. All of the housing, liners, and wires are run inside the frame for supreme aerodynamics without aesthetic disruption. Internal DCR is a system where function, simplicity, and tidiness are paramount.