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Ref. ZC02

Orbea Sport mountain bikes are your ticket to the trails. With adventure around every corner, you'll want to be ready for any challenge. Our Sport mountain bikes employ hydroformed 6061 aluminum frames that carry a lifetime warranty so that you'll never worry about your machine. The XC All-Around geometry ensures stable, yet responsive trail manners. Go ahead, ride any trail you want. It will stand up to anything.

Weight: -

You'll see that we don't list the bike weight. In reality we want you to go to your local Orbea dealer to feel the bike for yourself. Weigh it against a similar bike at the shop. Throw a leg over it, and take it for a spin. There are so many deciding factors to consider when buying a new bike – style, finish, material, ride quality, build, color, cost – and weight is only one of them. And while light is nice, it is not wise to decide solely on grams or pounds. Let the ride decide!


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