Orbea Avant is born: How far would you like to go?


Orbea is launching the most versatile bike ever. Monocoque carbon, for use with either disc or caliper brakes, and with mechanical or electronic shifting. It comes in seven sizes designed using the stack and reach concept for perfect fit.

If you’re reading this article, you’re witnessing a new landmark in the history of Orbea: the birth of the Avant, a carbon bike that comes in seven sizes and is based on the stack and reach concept, different assemblies from which you can choose disc or caliper brakes, electronic or mechanical shifting… Whatever component you choose, you can be sure you’ll have a monocoque frame with the best warranty, Press Fit bottom bracket, cables running inside the frame, oversized headset and stunning design. It’s not a dream, it’s the new Avant.

Design for disc brakes

The Avant is a model designed for riders who can’t wait to hit the road, with the latest road cycling revolutionary development in mind: the disc brake.

We designed the geometry of the new Orbea Avant using the stack and reach concept. The Avant comes in seven sizes (47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57 and 60) so that men and women can get the bicycle that fits them best. Aimed at delivering the nicest bike riding experience, the Avant features two different forks, depending on the size. The smaller sizes (47, 49 and 51) carry a 53mm rake, while the bigger feature a 43mm rake.

The Avant was designed and built using monocoque carbon technology. This technology allows us to make frames consisting of a single unit, which results in superb performance, light weight and optimal stiffness. In addition, it enables us to sell all our frames with a lifetime warranty.

Every single detail matters to us

The bottom bracket we chose for the Avant is the Press Fit, which gives the bike the proper stiffness for a perfect pedaling power transfer. The cables run inside the frame and are compatible with electronic or mechanical systems. This way, the cables are protected from external factors and the bike looks nicer.

Oversized headset, 27.2mm-diameter seatpost for maximum comfort, optional racks, three different colors to choose from and wheels of up to 28mm. All these features turn the Avant into a milestone, not only in the history of Orbea but in the world of road cycling as well.

Pax Avant, the three cow agreement

On 6 July, we’re having the 1st edition of the Pax Avant. This cyclo-sportive event drawing inspiration from the Avant is bound to become a reference in Europe. It will have two routes, one for the brave and another one for the bravest. Planned as a stage in the Tour de France, this amateur race will pass through some of the most beautiful places in the Pyrenees: Isaba, Larrau, Orhy, La Pierre St. Martin…

All of them under the legacy of the oldest agreement in the history of Europe: the one that has linked the Baretous and Roncal valleys since the thirteenth century. A dispute over some plots of land was settled with the transfer of three cows, which used to be carried once a year from one field to the next. Every year, locals gather to celebrate this old peace treaty repeating the same two words: Pax Avant, meaning ‘So let there be peace.’

So now, Pax Avant: let there be the Avant.

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