Orbea Cycling Apparel and the Orbea Racing Team and Continental Orbea kits are available in stores now!


We have applied SSN technology to our pads to help you choose what can make you perform better.

We have applied SSN technology to our pads to help you choose what can make you perform better. We present seamless garments, pure comfort! The Authentic Team kit is also available!

For the eight years Orbea Cycling Apparel has been in existence we have listened to users so we can evolve in our designs and apply all our knowledge to each stitch. In each stitch? Not just because we apply ultrasound seamless technology. Why? Because it improves your comfort, it increases your performance and all this means greater satisfaction on the bicycle.

“The starting point indicates Joseba Arizaga the person in charge of Orbea Cycling Apparel- is to understand what a cyclist needs making the most suitable technologies and materials available”. And that is where SSN technology comes into play. Developed to obtain a perfect performance on all the Orca frames regardless of the size, we applied it to our pads. How ? We have designed different pads depending on what you are like. We have modified thicknesses and densities so you can find the one that will allow to develop the best performance.

Sounds good? Feels better

For men we can provide eight different models for your body ranging from Pro SSN (top of the range), Pro (comfort, design and innovation), X-Series (articles with compression fabrics), Fitness, Race, Sport, Logo and Black Series. In addition to superb quality waterproof jackets, ultra light raincoats, and vests. Not forgetting complements such as arm warmers, leg warmers, kneepads, shoe covers and socks.

For women three different families: Dama Pro (top of the range), Dama Series (comfort, design and innovation) and Dama Black Series. And of course, an ultra light rain jacket and complements: Arm warmers, leg warmers…

“User response has been very good. We are sure, say Arizaga- that anyone who owns a bike should try out an Orbea garment. We are sure that they will discover innovating comfort, design, durability and innovative products. You will never go wrong with an Orbea garment”.

In addition, the Authentic Team garment will also be available from the month of April. The Orbea Racing Team and the Continental Orbea strip is becoming more and more popular in each race and in each outing. Make your way to your nearest dealer and reserve yours now!

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