7.983 People have joined us to support overcoming adversity.

Orbea is proud to support Team Novo Nordisk in its mission to inspire, educate and empower people affected by diabetes and to show the world that cyclists with diabetes can compete at the same level as the rest of the peloton.

We all ride to overcome something. For some, it is yesterday’s sprint time. For others, it is the climb that always gets the best of you.

Join the conversation and tell us what you’re riding to overcome.

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  • Dan Alger Sr

    I have been diabetic since 2000. My wife just found out that she is starting. It has been a battle, but I have lots of support, and my wife is my biggest supporter.

  • William Koehler

    Name: Bill Koehler Email: Txkoehler1@aol.com Department: Marketing Department Subject: Overcome life event Text: I just saw your advertisement talking about the team riding for diabetes. It asked for viewers to share information about what they have overcome in their life. I struggled for years with reflux disorder. I was a committed bicycle rider and averaged between 18-20 mph. This past year

  • Mike Bensema

    I am riding to overcome diabetes and to instill a healthy lifestyle to my kids.

  • Neal Chandran

    Back in 2008, I used to weigh 240 lbs (about 109 Kg). I was at the lowest point in my life, because I had recently finished graduate school, but the economy hit bottom, my job prospects were shot, I had to move back home, and the prospect of a future I had worked so hard for felt destroyed. I was super depressed, almost suicidal, I cut off people who cared about me, I was losing my will to live.

  • David Kelly

    Riding to overcome diabetes and obesity.

  • Dave Pruett

    I almost died twice in the past 5 years with a blood clot in my lung and then brain surgery, not to mention 9 knee surgeries and a broken kneecap. I have to have an Orbea to give me the edge I need to keep up with my biking buddies!

  • Stefan Wegner

    I spend so much time working on a computer each day of the week. I had no time to take care of myself or spend some quality time with my three little boys and my wonderful wife. So I decided to move my desk off my home and spend time on a bike again, while driving to my new workplace. Now it's time to rebuild the shape i once had when i was a paratrooper, to clean up my mind from work and enjoy th

  • Tomer Granit

    Hi Orbea, thank you for the support in such an important cause. I would like to tell you that I am a clinical dietician so this subject is close to me and my experience. So here is my story: I always was a fat person but my luck was that I love cycling (road and XC), this helped me to keep a normal body fat, be happy and in a good psychical condition. All of this changed 3 years ago as I suffered

  • Annette Fentress

    In the fall of 2012, I chose to embrace a new path of health in my life, so after hearing a couple ladies where I get my hair cut talk about doing an IronGirl Triathlon - I decided to sign up too. Never having even done a 5k or any other race. So In September of 2012 I started training for IronGirl which would take place in August 2013. I bought my first road bike (black & white Orbea Diva in a