Andrew Starykowicz. Mr. 4:02

"It wasn’t just about winning Ironman Florida. It was about making a statement start to finish of 'I’m not just gonna win, I’m gonna dominate'”. Starykowicz rode his Ordu to a record time of 4:02:39 in the bike split at Ironman Florida. His elapsed time was 6 minutes and 54 seconds faster than the previous record. The aerodynamic and ergonomic improvements we developed for the Ordu are bound to secure another decade of supremacy. Who wants to be the fastest?

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Beyond any other factor in high performance cycling, optimized fit between rider and bike is the foremost attribute we strive for. We designed this Ordu using a Fit First philosophy. Beginning with Dan Empfield’s Stack and Reach concept and the experience of fitting thousands of athletes on Triathlon and Time Trial Bikes, we adjusted our fit coordinates to reflect the needs of today’s athlete.



The new aerodynamics results in more power.

Drag comparison. We reduced the aerodynamic drag by 11% versus the old Ordu. Tests were run at various yaw angles at the industry standard 30mph. We found the greatest improvements in efficiency at “real world” yaw angles. That’s to say that you’ll rarely find yourself riding directly into a head wind at 0° yaw. As the wind approaches the Ordu from an angle of 10° off center, which is very common out on the road, it offers the greatest improvement over the old design.

Power comparison. The new Ordu can save you up to 30 watts over the older bike at 10° yaw. Over the course of a 40km time trial, ridden at 25mph, this increase in efficiency could result in a roughly two minute time savings! With the same data, we calculate that the new Ordu could potentially shave roughly nine minutes from a 112 mile triathlon bike leg. Of course, efficiency may vary depending rider position and conditions.


1:4 Fork.

We offer a non UCI compliant 1:4 fork that features a faster, more aerodynamic shape. This fork is built with an integrated, structural nosecone that increases the chord length in this critical area of the bike, making it more slippery and smoothing the airflow across the frame.

The fork is nestled in the frame using standard 1-1/8” integrated headset bearings to keep this area as narrow as possible. At only 38 mm. wide, it further decreases aerodynamic drag. In addition, these standard bearings are easily replaceable for routine maintenance. Any standard road bike front brake can be employed, making it user friendly and ready to accept the best the market has to offer.

1:4 Fork

Integrated rear brake.

The rear brake has been relocated to a concealed position underneath the chainstays. The brake arms are shrouded with a removable cover that ensures smooth airflow and protection from the elements. This lower brake position allowed us to redesign the critical seatstay/seat tube junction to reduce drag and smooth airflow over the rear wheel.

Integrated rear brake

Internal DCR.

As a modern superbike, the Ordu gets completely internal direct cable routing. We’ve simplified the installation with one frame that allows mechanical or electronic shifting systems and effectively hides it all from the wind. The cables or wires enter the frame through the top tube just behind the stem, only to emerge where necessary to connect each individual component. We’ve limited the exposed cables to a bare minimum – every effort to shave precious grams of drag.

Internal DCR


The fork and rear triangle of the new Ordu have been designed with improved shaping to optimize performance. This is called Attraction. We’ve used this technology in our Orca road bikes, and it has been proven in grueling World Tour races worldwide. The feedback from team riders was so positive that we were compelled to offer it on the new Ordu. In the same way, the Ordu uses Attraction to dissipate vibrations from the road surface. It’s a way to make you more comfortable and help you get through your ride with less fatigue. With Attraction, comfort is achieved while maintaining lateral stiffness, thereby maximizing performance on the bike with optimal pedaling efficiency.


Orbea Carbon Gold.

As our flagship TT/Triathlon bike, the Ordu is built with our finest materials. Here, we use Orbea Gold Carbon Fiber. It’s a blend of ultra-high modulus fibers used in order to offer the highest stiffness to weight ratio. The layup also receives the utmost attention to minimize superfluous grams and extract the greatest performance. Like our other models, the Ordu is built as a monocoque. This means that the frame is molded in one piece, with continuous, long fibers running through each tube intersection. The result is a frame strong enough to receive the Orbea Lifetime Warranty.

The carbon layup schedules (the number and orientation of the individual layers) are designed with each frame size in mind. The goal is to ensure that the Ordu offers a consistent ride quality across the size range. We call this Size Specific Nerve. The Ordu is built with four sizes, each tuned to an individual rider’s size and body mass. This is how we can promise that performance is optimized and comfort is assured. You’ll get to the finish line faster and fresher than ever.

Orbea Carbon Gold