Registration is now open for the 14th ORBEA MONEGROS MTB marathon.

Drawing 6,000 riders in the past edition, Orbea Monegros is a race beyond competition and the best-known race of its kind at the national level. In addition, it’s one of the MTB events with the highest number of participants across Europe.

The natural setting is one of the race’s major attractions. More than 100km across Los Monegros, a desert area whose singular beauty captivates all travelers.

This year, there’ll be the same two distances as last year: a 115km marathon and an 85km half marathon.

Los Monegros Marathon’s motto is ‘a race beyond competition’. This is why in the past edition we did away with classifications and prizes by category. We did so to push other values to the forefront: sense of adventure, holding out against hardships, desire for self-improvement… But we still have time records and chips that will show you the time you spend on this personal challenge.

Registration fees are €35 for Federation members and €39 for other participants.

We’ll be waiting for you in Sariñena on 26 April 2014.


    Let’s be honest: We’re very happy with the Orbea Monegros that took place on 27 April 2013.

    As many as 6,000 bikers faced an epic challenge in Sariñena, riding across Los Monegros desert.

    We tried to solve the problems we encountered in 2012, providing more hoses to clean participants’ bikes, more food, more organizers, GPS tracking, improved showers… And we believe we can still do it better, so we’re working hard to take care of every single detail.