Quality, environmental, safety and health policy.

ORBEA management means:

  • TOTAL QUALITY in the way the company is managed, striving for excellence in all areas.
  • The importance of developing our activities with respect to the ENVIRONMENT and within the context of continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • That the management of SAFETY AND HEALTH has strategic priority for the benefit of the members of our team and for the continued success of the business.

To achieve these objectives:

  • We put the customer at the center of our activities and direct all our processes to meet their needs in terms of product quality, service and pricing.
  • We commit to:
    • Maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) which involves periodic assessment of the magnitude and impacts of our activities, products and services, as well as establish a periodic review of our environmental objectives and targets for the fulfillment of this policy.
    • Comply with applicable legal requirements related to the environmental aspects of the Environmental Management System as well as any other requirements subscribed to by ORBEA.
    • Communicate this policy to all persons working for the organization and on behalf of it, and to keep it available to stakeholders in the Environmental Management System.

The management believes that ORBEA IS AN ORGANIZATION OF PEOPLE, so it assumes the need to design, develop, maintain, review and continuously improve a Management System of Occupational Health and Safety with these ultimate goals:

  • To achieve a high level of safety and health at work for all members of the organization by preventing injuries, illnesses, diseases and work-related incidents.
  • To promote health among all members of the organization.
  • To promote employee involvement in the prevention of injury or loss of life when using production equipment and materials.

Other goals for our Management System of Occupational Health and Safety will be:

  • To ensure compliance with current legislation on the prevention of occupational risks and with the internal regulations of our Joint Prevention System.
  • To ensure that all employees and their representatives are consulted, trained and encouraged to actively participate in its development.
  • To be transparent, with clear objectives that are quantified and communicated directly.
  • To pursue continuous improvement in labor, health, and safety performance.

ORBEA, S.COOP management is committed to integrate the management of occupational health and safety at all levels of the organization. It will define responsibilities as needed and will provide adequate resources and training to be performed in order to guarantee success.

Management efforts are directed to extend this vision throughout the organization and thus ensure that our customers perceive us as having a significant competitive advantage. We are convinced that this is the only way we can ensure their loyalty and consequently the survival of our company over time.