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Guía de compra

  • Gastos de envío gratuítos *
  • Recogida en tiendas Orbea
  • Teléfono: 900 67 00 18
* En compras superiores a 60 € en la Península.


My Account is a web page personalised for each user with the services offered by Orbea. Once you are registered just enter your email address and password to:

  • See/change your personal details
  • Change your password
  • Access the newsletter and customise the information that you receive
  • Access the Opportunities section, where you can indicate what type of opportunities you want to be informed about
  • Register the warranty for your bike
  • See the status of your past and present orders
  • See/manage your saved bikes
  • See the requests for bikes that you have submitted
  • Close your session

Guía de compra

To place an order you must be registered with www.orbea.com.There are two ways of registering:

    Registering prior to ordering

  • On the main menu, go to REGISTER
  • You must only register once. Our website is a consumer orientated website, so you must register as a person and not as a company. To do so, you will need an e-mail address and a personal password. All other data are optional and serve merely to help us get to know you and offer you what you need. You will be prompted to provide your shipping address & personal details when you place your order.

    We comply with current data protection regulations and will not therefore pass on your data to third parties.

  • When you click on "Register" an email confirming your registration will be sent to the address given in the previous step.
  • You must click on the link in that email message to activate your registration.
  • Registering while placing an order

  • Add the items that you wish to purchase to your basket.
  • Click on "Place Order" in the basket to go to the checkout.
  • At the checkout, fill in the compulsory fields (marked *) in the address and contact data section. When you complete the form you will be asked to provide a personal password, which you must then use to access your account once the order is placed.
  • Purchasing process

    • Once you have chosen an item, click on "Purchase" and select the size and colour. After selecting the size and colour, click on "Add to Basket".
    • After adding items you can go directly to the checkout or modify the items in the basket.
    • Please, bear on mind that if you want to make a purchase in Orbea.com, you will need to do it as an individual consumer never as a legal entity.
    • To go straight to the checkout, place the cursor on the shopping trolley icon in the top menu and click on "Purchase".
    • To change, delete or add items go to the basket. Place the cursor on the shopping trolley icon in the main menu and click on "See or Edit Basket". When you are satisfied with the items in the basket click on "Place Order" (if you have a promotion code you can also enter it in the basket, but remember that you need to be registered and logged in to your account to do so).
    • At the checkout, follow the step-by-step instructions and provide the information requested. Those fields marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory. If you are registered but have not logged in, click on "I am already registered" and some fields will auto-complete. If you are not already registered you will be asked to provide a personal password, which you must then use to access your account once the order is placed.
    • In the next step, you must indicate the delivery point. All of our products (except bikes and external batteries) have the option of being shipped either to your home or to an Orbea Dealer. In case you want to order a Bike or an External Battery, you will need to choose a dealer . Your preferred dealer will assemble and adjust the bike, help you with the warranty service and also he will be responsible for providing a free checkup of your bike after it has been built.
    • The final step is payment. Payment platforms guarantee privacy of information and offers secure transactions to protect it during the process of providing user data. Payments can be made via PayPal (see www.paypal.uk)or by credit card. The following credit cards are admissible:: Visa Visa Electron Mastercard Maestro

    • On Orbea.com, you can always access your invoice as an individual consumer. As soon as the order is sent to the indicated address, you will receive an email with the invoice attached. Orbea's website is made for the individual consumer, therefore all invoices have the individual consumer's name.
    • You can also see detailed information on your order in the "Orders" section in your account. The information shown includes the order number, order date, order status, estimated shipping date, quantity, amount per item, shipping costs, full amount, collection point, personal data, etc.

Seguimiento de pedido

You can track your order from your account. If you are already logged in, simply go to "My Account" on the main menu and if not then go to "Register" on the main menu and enter your email address and password. If you cannot remember your password click on the "Forgotten your password?" link and follow the step-by-step instructions to reset it.

If you cannot remember the email address that you gave, contact our customer service staff at [email protected] or on +34 900 670 018 and give them your order number, which you can find on the confirmation message emailed to you when you made your purchase.

In "Orders" you can track your orders, which may show the following statuses:


This means that your order has been entered in our system and confirmed by Orbea.com, so we will shortly begin processing it and sending the items to the address indicated.


While your order is classed as CONFIRMED you can still cancel it via the "Orders" section under "My Account". Once you ask for your order to be cancelled its status is changed to CANCELLED.

If an order appears as CANCELLED even though you have not requested its cancellation, we may have had to cancel it for a number of reasons. For more information please contact our customer service staff at [email protected]


Your order has left our warehouse. You will receive an email confirming shipment and the product will be delivered to the address indicated in 5-7 days. If you requested delivery to a C&C point the store will contact you so that you can pick up the product. In any event, the email confirming shipping provides contact data on the C&C point.

If you have requested in-store pickup, please remember that you will need to present the following documents:

  • A copy of the purchase confirmation.
  • Your personal identification document. In case you are unable to pick it up yourself, in addition to presenting the aforementioned documents, you must sign an authorization for another person to do so on your behalf.
  • *Orbea works with front-line couriers to provide fast, secure shipping. Remember that delivery times are estimates and that some orders may be delayed, especially during seasonal sales and special promotional periods.


    If you wish to return an order that has been delivered, you may do so via the "Orders" section under "My Account". If the product ordered is a bike, you must request its return via the store from which you collected it. Once you have requested that the product be returned, the order status changes to RETURN REQUESTED.

    Please read the "Cancellations and Returns" section for an explanation of the terms and conditions for the cancellation and/or return of an item or order.


    Once the product is received at Orbea and we have confirmed that it is in perfect condition, the order status changes to RETURN ACCEPTED.

    Gastos de envío

    Shipping is free for orders in excess of £80. Orbea does not currently ship to the Canary Isles, Ceuta or Melilla. However, you can always place an order via our authorised dealers there. For more information please email us at [email protected] or call to + 34 900 67 00 18.

    For orders amounting to less than £80 the following shipping charges apply:

    • OC Components, Accessories, Spare Parts: £9.50
    • Cycling clothing, casual clothing & merchandising: £9.50

      *If your order comprises various items but does not reach the minimum amount the rate applied will be that for the item with the highest shipping charge . 

    Cancelaciones y devoluciones

    Cancelling an order

    You may cancel items in your order provided that they have not yet been shipped. To cancel one or more items go to "Orders" in your account and click on the "See Details" link for the order that you wish to cancel. Once you have opened the order, select each item that you wish to cancel and click the "Cancel Items Selected" button. Then indicate the reason for cancellation and confirm cancellation.

    Once you have completed the cancellation process we will refund you using the same method that you used to make payment. Refunds are made in 5 to 7 days as from the time of cancellation

    Terms and conditions for returns

    If you wish to change an item for a different size or colour, you must return it and place a new order. Terms and conditions for returns vary depending on whether you collected the product from an Orbea store or had it delivered to your home.


    You have 14 days to return the item as from the time when you picked it up at the store. The item must be in the same condition in which it was handed over to you, unused and with its original packaging and labels.The customer is responsible for covering the return shipping costs.

    Items for return must be handed back to the distributor from which they were collected. Once the store has checked that their condition is as required you must ask to return the order via the website. To do so, follow the instructions below:

    • In your account you can open any of the orders in the "Orders" section and return one or more items from them. You may only ask to return items whose status is marked as "Sent".
    • Mark the items that you wish to return and confirm by clicking on "Return Items Selected".
    • You and the store will both receive an email indicating a return authorisation number. The store marks the return number on the outside of the box and a carrier will be sent to pick up your order at the same store.
    • Once the item is received at Orbea and its condition is confirmed, the price will be refunded by the same method used to make the purchase.
    • The amounts paid for the products returned and the shipping costs incurred in the initial order will be refunded in 4-7 days.


    You have 14 days to return the item as from its delivery. The item must be in the same condition in which it was handed over to you, unused and with its original packaging and labels. The customer is responsible for covering the return shipping costs.

    To return an item, follow the instructions below:

    • Package the items you wish to return in the same condition in which they were delivered to you, in the original packaging and tags.
    • Mail them to the address shown below noting the return number. You can print and attach the label.

      Address: UKPOSTBOX

      Unit 100915

      Courier Point

      13 Freeland Park

      Wareham Road



      BH16 6FH


    • The return will only be processed in cases where return shipping and customs expenses are paid.
    • When the product arrives at our warehouse, we will confirm that it is in its original condition and refund the price of the product by the original payment method.
    • You can check the status of your order anytime by logging in to your account. Contact us with any questions.
    • The amounts paid for the products returned and the shipping costs incurred in the initial order will be refunded in 4-7 days.


      If you find on receiving your order that the packaging is damaged in any way, please indicate the problem on the delivery note provided by the carrier (e.g. "package damaged"), return the box unopened to the carrier and immediately report the incident to our customer service team by telephoning +34 900 670 018 or emailing us at [email protected]


      If you receive an item that you did not order, please email us at [email protected] or telephone us on +34 900 670 018

    Terms and conditions for returning personalised items

    Orbea offers you the possibility on some models of selecting components to personalise your bike to your tastes and needs.

    The one-off nature of such bikes means that they are non-returnable except in cases of manufacturing defects.

    For any queries concerning the returning of personalised Orbea models purchased from www.orbea.com, please contact the point of sale where you collected the product, telephone us on +34 900 670 018 (Monday to Thursday 8:00-17:00, Friday 8:00-14:00) or email us at [email protected]

    Condiciones y términos de garantía

    The STATUTORY WARRANTY is the warranty that we provide for the period required in law in each country where products are purchased.


    • ORBEA provides a warranty on all products that it manufactures and/or distributes against any nonconformity issues for the required statutory warranty period after their purchase. This warranty is valid for the original buyer of the product, who is entitled to the repair and/or replacement of the defective product completely free of charge for the affected user in the event of any nonconformity.
    • This warranty also specifically covers paint, varnish and corrosion defects on all frames and rigid forks assembled on our bicycles during the period specified in the first paragraph hereof.
    • This statutory warranty from ORBEA Orbea is fully compatible with the legal and sales warranties offered by the manufacturers and dealers of the individual components of other brands fitted to our bicycles, and in the event of any nonconformity in any such component the user must process the individual warranty claim for same directly with said manufacturers or dealers..


    • When filing a claim under this warranty, the user must provide a copy of the purchase document (sales invoice) for the bicycle to ORBEA or the distributor.
    • The user must maintain the product purchased in good working condition, according to the instructions and recommendations provided in the instruction booklet accompanying the bicycle and the manuals published on the ORBEA website. ORBEA may reject any warranty claims that are the direct result of poor product maintenance by the user.
    • This warranty does not apply to cases of damage or defects arising from negligent use of the bicycle, the mounting of non-original accessories not supplied or mounted by our factory, or any inappropriate manipulation or maintenance operations by you, the user, or by any third party on your behalf.
    • This warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of the perishable elements of the product in any case. Said elements may include, but are not limited to, the following elements subject to wear and tear:
      • Handlebar tape
      • O-rings
      • Headset cups
      • Bearings
      • Brake shoes/pads
      • Retainers
      • Threads
      • Sprockets
      • Disk brake rotors
      • Dust caps
      • Hub
      • Grips and tapes
      • Shock absorber joints
      • Screws
      • Rubber parts
      • Seat covers
      • Gear and brake cables and jackets/fluid
      • Gear or brake lever hoods
      • Spokes
      • Nipples
      • Batteries & electrical system components on e-bikes.
    • Due to the inherent hazards associated with using a bicycle on roads or trails and the physical risks arising from the use of same, this warranty refers only to the replacement of non-conforming components and does not cover any personal injury that may arise directly or indirectly from malfunction during use. In case of a traffic accident, regardless of who directly caused same, the warranty provided by ORBEA is null and void.
    • In no case does this warranty apply to electrical system components which have been dismounted or modified to change their functions without the prior consent of ORBEA.


    • To invoke the cover provided under this warranty, the user must proceed to the point of sale where he/she purchased the product, so that the distributor can process the claim. If it is not possible to visit that distributor or if visiting same would result overly burdensome for you, the user, you may go to another official ORBEA distributorto process the claim or contact ORBEA directly via theto receive instructions on how to process the warranty claim. When filing a claim under this warranty, the user must provide a copy of the purchase document (sales invoice) for the bicycle to ORBEA or the distributor.
    • This warranty is subject to the decision reached by our technicians with regard to the nature of the product non-conformity once they have studied the part in question.
    • If repair is not possible and ORBEA opts to replace the product, ORBEA will replace the non-conforming product with another similar product, and if this is not possible for reasons of stockage, you, the user, will receive another product with the same quality and features. ORBEA may replace personalized products in the MyO range by similar products in the color range if the original personalization cannot be reproduced.
    • The customer can file a claim on the online consumer dispute resolution platform. The list of dispute resolution bodies in EU countries is also available here.