Orbea Teams

Orbea and Vital Concept Cycling Club join forces this year with sights set on the top races


Orbea and the team have reached an agreement creating a high-caliber squad with the potential to contest the outcomes of the most important races on the international calendar.

The two year plan will support the French squad, led by ex-cyclist Jérôme Pineau, in the top races on the international calendar.

This exciting new project is based in Bretagne, a region with one of the greatest cycling traditions in Europe, and the new-look roster of riders contains almost unlimited potential. Led by sprinter Bryan Coquard, the Vital Concept Cycling Club squad is well-balanced with climbers, classics specialists and time trial experts. They will rely on Orbea's full range of road bikes to tackle each specific challenge.

Orca Aero will be the weapon of choice for flat and rolling stages that are expected to end in a sprint, in which aerodynamics and every watt count. Orca will be used by riders in the mountain stages: its racing geometry, extremely low weight and sharp responsiveness will make the difference when every gram is critical for accelerations. Finally, Ordu - known for being the fastest bicycle in the history of Ironman - will be ally of Jérôme Pineau’s team in the time trial stages.

2018 Roster

These are the 20 riders on Team Vital Concept Cycling Club for the 2018 season:

Yoann Bagot. 06/09/1987, France.

Kris Boeckmans. 13/02/1987, Belgium.

Bryan Coquard. 25/04/1992, France.

Erwann Corbel. 20/04/1991, France.

Arnaud Courteille. 13/03/1989, France.

Bert de Backer. 02/04/1984, Belgium.

Corentin Ermenault. 27/01/1996, France.

Marc Fournier. 12/11/1994, France.

Adrien Garel. 12/03/1996, France.

Steven Lammertink. 04/12/1983, Holland.

Johan Le Bon. 03/10/1990, France.

Jérémy Lecroq. 07/04/1995, France.

Lorrenzo Manzin. 26/07/1994, France.

Julien Morice. 20/07/1991, France.

Justin Mottier. 14/09/1993, France.

Patrick Müller. 18/04/1996, Switzerland.

Quentin Pacher. 06/01/1992, France.

Kévin Réza. 18/05/1988, France.

Tanguy Turgis. 16/05/1998, France.

Jonas van Genechten. 16/09/1986, Belgium.