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We left firearms behind
and began making bicycles with all guns blazing

New products like bicycles, and strollers, gradually fill the Orbea catalog as firearm production gradually winds down
Bicycles became the primary product for the factory in Eibar


Still in Eibar, Orbea Brothers and Co. permanently exited the gun business in 1930, welcoming a new age of Orbea Bicycles. On the back of the Tour de France stage champion Mariano Cañardo, Orbea gained recognition as a premier cycling brand in the public's eye.

The decision to switch production to bikes was the result of a long discussion and study that included other products like baby strollers
Mariano Cañardo was the first great champion of Orbea, the cyclist who brought awareness of the brand to the general public
Besides Cañardo, other big names like the Montero brothers, Federico Ezquerra, and Salvador Cardona triumphed with Orbea


Mariano Cañardo would eventually form the basis of the first Orbea road cycling team, one that furthered the brand as a household name in Europe.

Already proven on the shoulders of champions, Orbea was the brand of the brave
Mariano Cañardo, with a hand-stitched jersey, was the first great ambassador of Orbea
Because of the stress of competition, Orbea was able to get the jump on the competition by developing machines already relevant to the needs of the market
Competition was a way for Orbea to market their new bikes
Competition was a way for Orbea to market their new bikes
The rim department working at full capacity in the Urkizu factory. Each one passed through the hands of an an Orbea employee


At the end of the Spanish Civil War, Orbea employed 1,000 people and produced 50,000 bicycles per year. The factory at the time was capable of manufacturing every component necessary to build the bikes.

Mechanization was implemented to meet the growing demand
Mechanization was implemented to meet the growing demand
Another factory was opened in the neighborhood of Matzaria, giving Orbea access to railways from Bilbao to San Sebastián
Orbea added new international patents and designs, including the brand Velosolex, also known as


With the decline in demand for bicycles in the Post-War era, Orbea licensed the popular French moped brand Velosolex for manufacturing rights in Spain.

Orbea's warranty always accompanied every product that left the factory
Orbea at the Garcia bike shop in Barcelona(
Orbea was part of iconic caravan heralding the arrival of the world's biggest cycling races
From early on, Orbea was steeped in all kinds of terrain and conditions, especially cyclocross
The VeloSolex rolled across the land during worker excursions

The door opens for a cooperative

In 1969, the economic situation in Spain was dire, and it was reflected in the finances of Orbea. On the precipice of bankruptcy, the workers of Orbea united to purchase it, forming a cooperative.

Working in the tire department
Custom work was always a mark of Orbea's production, and women were a critical part of the business from an early time