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The most recent history
and Orbea's secret weapon: Orca

The new Orca set the standard for the brand's future designs, ones that departed from tradition and the competition

"Orbea Orca"

Orca is a portmanteu of ORbea CArbon, the name given to Orbea's highest-quality and most technically advanced racing bike to date.

The carbon revolution was gradual, but eventually was used everywhere on the bike
Working with carbon also meant rethinking all design and engineering processes, something accomplished very quickly
With the finest bikes in the world and at the best races, Orbea was recognized as a superior brand in the marketplace


For 20 years Orbea partnered with the Euskadi Foundation, vaulting Basque legends to the very top of the professional road cycling world. Names like Iban Mayo, Samuel Sánchez, Roberto Laiseka, Egoi Martinez, and Haimar Zubeldia were regulars on the podiums of the most prestigious races in the world, and they brought Orbea with them.

Orange is Euskadi, and Euskadi is pure cycling in full swing at the Tour
In the 2013 Vuelta a España, Euskaltel took the overall team classification
In the bike leg of Ironman no one has gone faster than Starykowicz and Ordu
Twice, Craig Alexander and Ordu took the top step in the Ironman world championships


Orbea's first triathlon-specific bike, the Ordu, delivers Craig Alexander to victories at Ironman Hawaii in 2008 and 2009. In tandem, the Orca brand is developed, offering triathletes purpose-designed helmets, apparel, and bags.

The Ordu has always been one of the most competitive bikes in triathlons all over the world
With Sammy Sanchez taking gold in the road race at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Julien Absalon victorious in the mountain bike race, Orbea achieved what no other brand has


The stars were aligned for Orbea in 2008, with Iban Mayo and Haimar Zubeldia finding success at the Tour, Samuel Sanchez striking gold at the Beijing Olympics in the road race, and Julien Absalon following suit in the mountain bike competition with Jean Christophe Peraud taking silver.

One of the finest mountain bike racers in history, Julien Absalon, aboard the new Alma
Success in the Olympics led to success for Orbea in the bike industry as well
The 1-2 finish of Absalon and Peraud on the Alma in the Olympics made a global impact
Women also triumped on Orbea, with Canadian Catharine Pendrel taking the world championship on the Luna Pro Team
Catharine Pendrel is a legend in her own right, and a hero in her country

Alma and Oiz

Orbea's MTB racing heritage is rooted in its original 1930s racing ventures, and it's reflected by modern success with Olympic gold and silver olympic medals for both Absalon and Peraud on the Orbea Racing Team, and the long partnership with Iñaki Lejarreta. The commitment to MTB racing continues with the Luna Pro Team, and Catharine Pendrel's world championship on the Oiz and the success of the Alma are all benchmarks for the continued success of Orbea in the MTB sphere.

Following his tragic death, Iñaki Lejarreta left a gaping hole at Orbea, where we feel he grew up, and us with him
Perfectly assembled bikes leaving the factory in Mallabia, demonstrating Orbea's commitment to maintaining the personal connection to its riders
Cooperative workers celebrating the victory of Samuel Sánchez
Extensive R&D, as well as quality control testing results in a reliable, premium bicycle
A mountain bike for every discipline
The evolution of the mountain bike and mountain biking has been drive by its users


Racing successes are complemented by a full internationalization of the brand in every major global market. New, innovative designs behind bikes like the Rallon and Occam ensure a presence in emerging riding genres in the Orbea portfolio.

On an Orbea, you can breathe free and ride to infinite horizons
Orbea Monegros marathon gathers thousands of people to ride in a jaw-dropping, mythical setting

Orbea Experience

New ventures for Orbea beyond the scope of bicycle manufacturing include events like Monegros, and the journeys of Orbea Travel for riders worldwide.

Thousands attend Monegros in April every year
Moments before the start of Monegros
No stone goes untouched at Monegros, with every detail dialed and attention given to each rider, a hallmark of the Orbea spirit