Quality, environmental, safety and health policy.

Orbea is a company dedicated to the design, production, marketing and after-sales guarantee of the following brands ORBEA (bicycles and components), ORCA (triathlon material), HIRU (cycling clothing) and OQUO (wheels).

The management of ORBEA understands:

  • TOTAL QUALITY as an excellent management method used in all areas of the company.
  • The importance of carrying out our activity in a way that is ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY, in a context of continuous improvement and environmental protection.
  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY is a priority and is a strategic element used to obtain business results.

To reach these goals:

  • We place the customers at the center of our activities and we focus all our processes on meeting their needs, in terms of products, services and prices. The field of application of our Quality System includes the manufacturing and marketing of all types of bicycles and components under the ORBEA, ORCA (triathlon material) ,HIRU (cycling clothing) and OQUO (wheels).
  • We undertake to:
    • Maintain an Environmental Management System that includes the regular evaluation of the magnitude and impacts of our activities, products and services and the establishment of regular reviews of our environmental objectives and goals to fulfill this policy.
    • Fulfill the applicable legal requirements related to environmental aspects, as well as any other requirement taken on by ORBEA.
    • Communicate this policy to everyone who works for the organization and on its behalf, as well as to maintain the same provision for the interested parties (internal and external) in the Environmental Management System. The Environmental Management System applies to the design, production and after-sales guarantee activities for bicycles carried out at the production center in Mallabia.

Management understands that ORBEA IS, FIRST AND FOREMOST, AN ORGANIZATION OF PEOPLE, so it assumes the need to design, develop, maintain, review and continuously improve a system of Occupational Health and Safety management, with the ultimate purpose of:

  • Achieving a high level of health and safety at the worksite of all members of the organization by preventing work-related injuries, afflictions, illnesses and incidents.
  • Promoting health among all members of the organization.
  • Preventing and avoiding all types of losses due to accidents that can affect both the health of this group, as well as the production, equipment and materials.

We also want our Occupational Health and Safety System to:

  • Ensure compliance with current legislation in terms of preventing occupational hazards and the internal regulations of our Associated Prevention Service.
  • Ensure that all our employees and their representatives are consulted, trained and encouraged to actively participate in their development.
  • Be transparent, with defined, quantified objectives that are pursued and communicated.
  • Pursue continuous improvement of results in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.

The management of ORBEA, S.COOP undertakes to integrate Occupational Health and Safety management in all levels of the organization, defining the related responsibilities and providing adequate means and training for them to be implemented with a guarantee of success.

According to all these principles and to be aligned with the State of California's OEHHA and it's Proposition 65 (SCP65) environmental law, Orbea includes Proposition's clear warning on all bikes as we agree strongly that consumers have a right to know what they are buying and we do continued and strong efforts to produce products that are safe and sustainable.

Additionally Orbea complies with all state and federal laws, even in the case of lowest possible risk to our consumers, ourselves and our environment. Here now we volunteer access to SCP65 WARNING of potential Cancer and Reproductive Harm substances through its official site: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

The efforts of management are aimed at extending this vision throughout the Organization, thus ensuring that our clients perceive us as having an important competitive advantage. We are convinced that this is the only way to ensure their loyalty, so that our company can survive the test of time.

January 2024