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It’s time to get moving. Load up your pack for an afternoon ride and start pedaling. Whatever obstacles exist between you and the trails and your Special Places, it’s time to run over them. Reclaim access and discover new adventures the way you like – aboard a fun and capable machine that enhances your skills while it extends your range. Conquer steep climbs and push the limits of traction and good judgment on the way back down. Enjoy clever design and sophisticated suspension kinematics, or simply focus on the trail. Wild revitalizes your riding and helps you chart new destinations. Take back control – Take back your Wild.

  • Bosch Performance CX

    PowerTube 500 Wh

    Nov način vožnje eMTB
    Notranja baterija s 500 Wh
    Minimalističen dizajn z najbolj kompaktno in lahko baterijo na trgu
    Baterijo lahko polnite na kolesu ali samostojno.
    Pokrov iz materialna dvojne gostote zagotavlja najboljšo možno zaščito baterije.