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It’s the difference between the tentative first go of the year and the ripping third lap of a midsummer day. It’s the ease of knowing your suspension is dialed. It’s a boost of confidence, speed and control when a bit more of any could make a winning formula. Enduralin is the extra bit of fun that turns a good ride into a great one – the shouting of the crowd, a flow state of euphoria, cowbells, chainsaws, accelerated reaction time and enhanced perception. It’s the difference between a Good Time and All-Time.


    Rallon gets a bump in travel to 160mm with a redesigned linkage assembly. A higher starting leverage ratio improves early stroke sensitivity, while the progressive rate increases from 8% to 20% to provide more bottom-out support.

    Frame geometry remains unchanged, even with greater travel, and the addition of a 170mm Fox 36 fork gives Rallon a boost of Enduralin with a new 64.5º head angle.

MAKE YOUR RALLON MORE AGGRESSIVE. New linkage kit for all Rallon R5 models. Install it on your bike and boost the rear suspension up to 160mm.

  • Thomas Lapeyrie (Rider del Orbea Enduro Team): "Todo es mejor, sensibilidad, estabilidad, control de la bicicleta y posición del rider. Mayor seguridad con un extra de velocidad."

    Thomas Lapeyrie (Rider del Orbea Enduro Team)