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150mm / 160mm


Adjustable Geometry

Head Angle


Looking for a shorter travel trail bike?

Ready For When Trail Gets Rowdy

Adventures can take you anywhere, and Occam LT is ready. Seriously light and tough with aggressive geometry, this is a bike for pushing your limits and enjoying yourself. Even on the rowdiest trails, the progressive suspension is smooth and supportive, and works perfectly with coil shocks. Our improved Steep and Deep design is deeper than ever, with full insertion for a 230mm dropper on all frames.

Attitude Adjust - Simple, Fast and Easy to Use

When you want to tune things, Attitude Adjust lets you slacken and lower the geometry in less than 15 seconds.

Why Choose an Aggressive Trail Bike?

Why do we choose an aggressive trail bike over an Enduro machine? Occam LT thinks that the answer is fun. The perfect mix of climbing ability and descending prowess. Light, agile and responsive, Occam LT begs to be thrown around the trails and to pop off every feature.

Fun On the Climb; A Riot On The Way Back Down

Save energy on the climbs so you can throw yourself into every descent. With full builds, ready for the rowdiest trails, and fully backed by our lifetime warranty, things just got a whole lot easier on the climbs. Of course, being light doesn't just mean fun on the climbs! On the descents you can fling Occam LT around easily, changing lines and popping off every feature.

More Features,
Less Distractions

Great things don't have to be complicated. Simple rubber protectors and our user-friendly SIC cabling system eliminate distracting noise. Integrated tools are close to hand, and the bigger and better LOCKR offers storage for the biggest adventures.



More Options Than Ever

Choose Occam LT or SL, both available in our High Polish Aluminium or OMR Carbon. Configure your bike with MyO, choosing from a wide range of components, colours and designs. Our factory-applied vinyl, Second Skin, protects your bike and adds even more options to personalize the design. No other bike offers so many options!

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  • Editor's choice

    "The Occam LT helped to unlock every last bit of enjoyment, with a great blend of descending confidence; a generally dialed feeling, and plenty of agility and pedaling efficiency retained". Oiz is the Editor's Choice 2023 - Loam Wolf

  • "A super-dialled go-anywhere package"

    "The Occam LT is a super-dialled go-anywhere package for those looking for a trail bike that can fight its corner on the steepest of backcountry trails" - Bikeradar

  • "A very good bike in many areas"

    "A very good bike in many areas without being excellent in any one." - Full Attack

  • "Aggressive, fun, agile and super capable."

    "Orbea is once again betting big on the trail. This LT version is an aggressive, fun, agile and super capable trail bike when the trail really gets steep..." - MTB Pro

  • "Capable, reliable all-rounder and fun companion"

    "With its intuitive handling and excellent rear suspension, the LT version is a capable, reliable all-rounder and fun companion for a wide range of trails, regardless of your skillset" - Enduro MTB

  • "Mini Enduro bike, anyone?"

    "The suspension was well-balanced, a fun combination of poppy and responsive while still grabbing traction. Mini Enduro bike, anyone?" - Vital MTB

  • Elevating the descending performance

    "The updates to the Occam LT help elevate its descending performance, and it's now a bike that could easily be used for long backcountry pedals, the occasional enduro race, or for knocking out after work hot laps" - Pinkbike


Lifetime warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on your bike frame once the legal warranty period has expired.

Accident policy

If your bike cracks or breaks due to external factors, we’ll provide you with a discount for a similar new frame.

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