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What makes Oiz unique


No compromise geometry

Modern XC racing is more demanding than ever, meaning that modern XC bikes are evolving to offer more control, and fun, on the descents. Our No Compromise Geometry takes feedback from our racers, riders and tests to make our funnest ever XC bike.

Slacker head angle

More control and confidence on high speed descents.

Longer top-tube

Designed around a 60-90mm stem to balance stability with that responsive steering XC racers demand.

Lower stack

Optimized for a 120mm fork to keep weight on the front wheel for turning and climbing.

Short chainstays

Agile and responsive handling and improved acceleration.

Take control

A steep seat tube and lower stack puts you in the driving seat, in full control of your ride. The longer reach, designed around a 60-90mm stem, offers stability on the descents while maintaining a weighted front wheel for attacking on the climbs and corners.


You can’t beat simple

Many times what you leave out is more important that what you add. This is especially true for an XC race bike with the pedigree of Oiz where weight and performance are key. Oiz is beautiful in it’s simplicity, singleminded in it’s performance and uncompromized in it´s weight.

Internal cable routing, done better

Internal cable routing is nothing new, but Oiz takes the traditional routing to the next level with I-Line and our SIC cable system.


Our patented I-line is simply the sleekest, most integrated shock lock-out on the market.

SIC System

Our SIC system routes the cables along the best path through the headset, through internal guides and invisibly from the front to rear triangle via our Cable Pass.


This is for those of you who want to slam their stem, giving the most aggressive racing position to attack every climb. For those riders with the flexibility and technique to handle this position, our Low Stack Spacer reduces the stack by 8mm over standard.


*For further information about the compatibility of aftermarket stems, please check our Blue Paper Manual.

Tuned rigidity

Frame rigidity is critical for power transmission, however it is possible to have a frame which is too stiff to track the terrain efficiently. By manipulating the frame materials, optimizing tube profiles and oversizing bearings we can tightly control rigidity without compromising weight. The result is a frame which is balanced and controlled without sacrificing efficiency.

  • Shaped for stiffness

    The specially profiled chainstays and seatstays resist twisting without adding excess weight. 12 % more stiffness means Oiz responds to each pedal stroke faster than ever.

  • Up-sized bearings

    Up-sized bearings spread loads, giving a small but significant increase in lateral rigidity. It is just another small step towards perfection for Oiz.

  • Fiberlink

    In the quest for stiffness and clean lines, we redesigned our long-fiber injected Fiberlink to give increased stiffness to the rear triangle. Low weight and stiffer than ever, Fiberlink integrates seamlessly with the shapes of Oiz and the seat tube.

  • Power Spine / Dynamic Structure

    The large majority of torsional and lateral loads are handled by the lower spine of the frame. The headtube, downtube and chainstays resist twisting and transmit power to the rear wheel. There is no doubt about it, resistance to flex in the bottom of the


Just the best frame, no matter which flavour you choose

Regardless of which material you choose you can rest assured that your Oiz is a combination of the most advanced materials, the best designs and the highest manufacturing standards out there. OMX carbon offers the lightest Oiz possible, appealing to racers, while OMR is our second level carbon which offers all the rigidity and strength of OMX for those who don’t need the ultimate in light weight. For riders who prefer aluminium, our high polished alloy is simply the best aluminium frame you can buy, with the bonus of that carbon-look. You know which category you fit into and can choose your ideal Oiz, we just make each frame the best way we know how.


Trust Your Ride

Frame protection

Vinyl protection added from the factory protects the parts of the frame which are more exposed to potential damage.

Spin block

Crashes happen when you are pushing hard. Our light and simple Spin Block prevents the handlebars from over rotating and damaging your beautiful frame.

Fully sealed bearings

Everyone hates changing bearings, and typically bearings fail due to being dirty, not overloaded. Working hard to seal the main pivot bearings, which are the most exposed, increases their lifetime and helps keep the suspension working optimally when the conditions are filthy.


Advanced Dynamics

Orbea’s Advanced Dynamics software is unique in the industry and is at the heart of every Orbea suspension bike. Our proprietry software allows us to simulate how a bike will perform under different conditions, even simulating different trail conditions and tyre pressures! None of this would have been possible without an unusual level of cooperation with our suspension partners. Of couse this is just one part of the design process, however it means when we start testing prototypes we are able to concentrate on fine tuning and ironing out tiny details. Starting from a great first design allows us to get closer to a perfect bike.

120mm of uncompromised travel

Historically choosing between 100mm and 120mm required a compromise; the control of 120mm or the weight and efficiency of 100mm. Oiz refuses to accept that compromise, designed from the start around longer travel but lighter and more efficient than ever.


Often the simplest solutions are the best. Removing the pivot from the rear triangle offers great suspension performance, increases lateral rigidity and offers maintenance free reliability.

Kinematics: controlled pedalling

A modern XC bike needs to be able to climb efficiently, with maximum traction, even if the shock is wide open. A high level of anti-squat plus a slightly regressive suspension curve helps Oiz resist pedalling forces at the start of its travel, where you spend more time climbing, meaning Oiz responds instantly to pedal inputs, shooting forward without hesitation.


OC Components

OC specializes in high quality, innovative components, focussed on increasing performance and offering options for customization.


Oiz features our OC handlebars and stem, allowing our SIC cable routing, as well as offering the blend of stiffness and light weight which racers demand.


Squidlock is designed to work with Oiz´s patented I-Line technology, giving easy control of your shock and dropper post as well as integrating with the brake clamps to further simplify your handlebars.

OQUO Wheels

Modern XC bikes are lighter and more capable than ever and that puts more demands on the wheels. Wheels need to be light and stiff for acceleration and climbing but equally comfortable and reliable for the increasingly tough descents.

The OQUO MP tubeless wheelsets maximize performance with their front and rear specific design. Front wheels use higher rim walls to increase rigidity and precision while the rear wheels use a wider bead to maximize puncture resistance.

Fully backed up with a crash replacement program and warranty, and with weights as low as 1350g for the full wheelset, these OQUO wheels are the perfect partner for your Oiz.

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