7 May 2019

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Published by Orbea

It’s about what you’ve done to get there.And even more, what you haven't done.

The sacrifice, training, hours of missed sleep, suffering, sore legs, preparation, habits, advice, concentration.

The fans, your team, a hand that helps you reach the top of that mountain pass, the satisfaction of a good training session, the joy of working with a team, the roadside support, the support of someone else's victory, the hugs after a tough stage, the congratulations from your rivals.

Those who help you win, but who never cross the finish line: the trainers, doctors, the press, your grandma, your sister, that person who taught you how to ride a bicycle. Those who don't appear in the photo, or if they do, they’re cropped out, in a corner, because they’re not the center of attention, but they’re crucial for everything to go smoothly.

At the heart of competition are the values that propel you forward and cross the finish line with you. Champagne and flowers might be waiting if you come in first, but we believe you have to keep pedaling long after you're done.

Because there will always be more: bigger, more complicated challenges and goals that will tower over those that came before.


The art of competition is about never giving up. Even if we lose.

The art of competition means keeping on pedaling, no matter what.

What do you know about competition and Orbea? Throughout May, we’ll ask a series of questions on the topic on our social networks, and those who know the most will be eligible for some incredible prizes.


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