The Wolf Inside: Malene Degn’s Fight

5 May 2020

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“The Story of Two Wolves” is a legend about the battle of good and evil inside us.

We all walk through life with two wolves struggling in our minds: one is positive, the other negative. It’s the internal battle that informs our decisions as we learn those things that help us grow and hold us back.

Here, Team KMC Orbea rider Malene Degn tells us her version of the story.

When does your evil wolf appear?

It comes to my mind if I let my internal dialogue turn negative. My most common negative thoughts are related to self-sufficiency: Am I good enough? Am I doing it the right way?

When does your good wolf appear?

It appears when I think positively, when I let go of my worries, when I feel happy and full of motivation.


How are you getting through this unusual time?

I’m in Denmark now, where my family lives. Here, it’s fine and my environment is safe. Here, I can continue my routines and lead an almost normal life.

Have you learned anything new from this situation we’re facing?

Gratitude. I have learned to appreciate the importance of freedom to move and travel, and how difficult it is to give up this right. After this, I think we will all be grateful for the things we used to take for granted.

Do you think we’ll be better off when that happens?

This pandemic is showing us how strong we are when we work together. I think we will remember that in the future.


What do you believe in?

I believe that the mind is our most important muscle and that we have to exercise it in the same way that we train on our bikes.

How do you cope during bad times?

My family, my partner... I laugh and always look for the positive side of things. .

What new ah-ha moments have you discovered during this pandemic?

I have found that I like to ride a bike and train hard, even when there is no specific goal. It simply means that I like bikes.


What are you doing to continue your training?

In Denmark, life hasn’t changed much because the pandemic hasn’t affected us as much. I have been able to continue training, but my goals have changed and they’re not so focused on racing. I miss my friends and my social life, of course. But as a professional cyclist, my life is like being quarantined: sleep, train, eat, repeat.

How are you managing the uncertainty of future races?

It’s a difficult situation, but now I only focus on enjoying training and the time I spend with my family…something that my daily life doesn’t allow.


Thanks, Malene! We’re rooting for your good wolf in future cross country races. Good luck!








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