14 August 2019

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Published by Orbea

The San Sebastian Classic means competition, but there’s also excitement. For the first time in 2019, the event will have two different races. The new event this year was the Women’s Classic. For Ane Santesteban, one of the cyclists taking part, the race is very special.

Ane is a rider on the WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling team. For her, the Classic is a combination of competition, dreams and emotions. Ane lives in Errenteria, a town near San Sebastian.

Her training sessions take her on the very roads that form part of this great cycling event. Ane couldn´t imagine that one day she would have the chance to compete in this setting.

But the day has come.

For the Basque cyclist, it’s a dream come true. Far from being added pressure, for Ane its extra motivation to compete under the watchful eyes of her friends and family. There are few opportunities to race at home, alongside today´s best cyclists.

Until very recently, Ane Santesteban cheered on the men’s World Tour teams from the roadside of Jaizkibel. Today, Ane is one of the stars of this race. It’s a story of cycling, but also one of dreams and excitement.




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