30 August 2019

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One word: thanks.

Thanks for answering our call.

Thanks for visiting We Are Orbea on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for sharing this passion that unites us all and brings us to life.

The Orbea family is rock solid and continues to grow. And we do it thanks to all of you: dealers, fans, teams, media...

Thanks for joining our community, for speaking up for what you love, for sharing the unique happiness that cycling brings you.

For those of us who work at Orbea, being a part of your life and helping you ignite your passion is what keeps us going.

Thanks for sharing those powerful moments of LIFE with capital letters: a ride at dawn, that epic route, a new bike in the family, the unboxing of an e-bike like Gain or Wild HT, the first ride on your new Oiz, a selfie showing off Orca or Rallon, the memory of your first Orbea...



We are on a perpetual journey together, thanks to you. A journey full of stories that we hope you continue sharing. An adventure that defines your life. And with you, it's much more fun.

You already know us. We are technology. We are cycling. We are a team. And, above all, we are passion. WE ARE ORBEA.

If you haven't already done so, join the movement. Get to know the We Are Orbea community on Instagram and use the #MyOrbea hashtag to get your posts highlighted. You can also upload photos, videos and comments on the We Are Orbea Facebook group, where you’ll meet cyclists from all over the world, united by common ground.

Are you coming?

Thanks for sharing your passion.


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