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What makes Gain unique

The Philosophy

Enough Power

The Enough Power concept is central to our vision of e-road. Tuning the motor's power delivery allows us to increase the range while giving a more natural ride. The subtle, integrated controls and display, coupled with the nearly silent assistance, remove distractions, leaving you free to enjoy the ride.

Drive Unit

Gain Carbon
The X20 Motor

The Mahle X20 motor is the lightest, most compact e-bike drive system on the market, making it the obvious choice for GAIN. 55Nm of nearly silent, frictionless assistance gives more than enough power for even the toughest climbs, all with a total system weight of 3,2kg, including the 350Wh battery.

Gain Aluminium
The X35+ Motor

The Mahle X35+ motor offers up to 40Nm of nearly silent, frictionless assistance. The sophisticated transmission system provides smooth, balanced, and reliable pedaling assistance to improve your rides without making them too easy.
Note: Assistance is limited to 25kmph in EU / UK and 20mph in USA / Canada in accordance with local regulations.

Tuned motors

Working with Mahle to develop our Enough Power tune was key to making Gain. Peak torque is applied smoothly, mirroring your input and feeling natural and unobtrusive.


We have worked hard on the power and torque delivery, with hundreds of hours of testing, making it smoother and less intrusive. Maximum assistance arrives between 75 and 95rpm, a cadence where you are working at maximum efficiency. That means that just when you deliver more, the motor steps in seamlessly to help, feeling alive and responsive.


Gain´s lower power consumption and greater reliance on your legs increase the battery life by around 1,5x. This isn’t an e-road bike where you sit back and rely on the motor; this is a sporty, fun ride that involves you in the excitement. Gain offers three assistance levels, allowing you to choose how hard you work.



Up to 7h cycling


4000M+ / 13100FT

Extra elevation range extender

1900M+ / 6200FT


Up to 6h cycling


3000M+ / 9800FT

Extra elevation range extender

1400M+ / 4600FT


Up to 4h cycling


1500M+ / 4900FT

Extra elevation range extender

700M+ / 2300FT


A Better Battery

The battery is one of the most noticeable components of an eBike system, so every step has been taken to find the lightest, smallest, and most discreet unit. The beauty of our Secure Battery System is that it allows us to fit more battery in a smaller space.

Gain Carbon

350Wh downtube

Investing the weight savings we made with the new Gain in a bigger battery allows us to increase the range and reduce the overall weight simultaneously. That means you can pretty much forget about the battery level unless you plan on climbing more than 4000m.

Gain Aluminium

X20 Range Extender

Although you will almost certainly never need it, we offer a 171Wh range extender for Gain Carbon. The beauty of our modular battery solution is that for all those rides where you don’t need that extra range, you can leave the weight at home.

250Wh downtube

Gain Aluminium uses the 250Wh downtube design, providing you with enough battery power for most rides. The range extender fits neatly in the frame´s water bottle and offers an additional 208Wh, which means a 70% boost in range.



Shorter wheelbase

Is more responsive.

Shorter chainstays

For better acceleration.

Size-specific trail

Gives improved control no matter what frame size.

Bigger BB Drop

Gives better stability.

Balanced reach and stack

Give great ergonomics without compromising comfort for the longest rides.

Pure road geometry

One of the most important points to consider when determining geometry is that the bike must be easy to ride, meaning you have precise control over the bike.

Find your perfect fit

To help riders find their perfect fit and maximize comfort, we have added a 6th size, giving options from XS to XXL.

More capable than ever

Clearance for 35mm tyres means that Gain matches your vision of e-road, even if that goes further than tarmac and onto some gravel.



Automatic motor connection

With Gain Carbon, removing and refitting your rear wheel has never been so easy. There are no more fiddly connections for the motor; instead the motor automatically connects when you insert the wheel.

ICR plus

Cables are carefully guided along the best path under the stem and through the head tube, with no rub or rattle, and are optimized for both traditional and electronic shifting systems.

Integrated lighting

Fully integrated lighting is just one more feature to enhance your ride. Gain is safer and more functional with head and tail lamps that announce your presence day and night. The built-in light sensor automatically switches GAIN´s inbuilt lights on and off.


Lightest in class

No other e-road bike with this battery capacity offers lighter weight. GAIN takes that one step further with the Enough Power concept meaning that when it comes to range, there are no bikes that come close.

OMR Carbon

OMR frames add high modulus and high strength fibers to a standard layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios.


Using aluminum technologies as advanced as our carbon manufacturing ensures our aluminum bikes are never second-best.

Dynamic Structure

The frame's lower spine handles the majority of torsional and lateral loads. There is no doubt about it; resistance to flex here translates directly to more watts to the wheel and a sensation that power transfer is instantaneous. So why do many e-road bikes compromise this area?

When you are riding, you won’t see these details, but you will notice responsive handling and acceleration.

Our SBS battery system gives an uncompromised downtube structure, adding rigidity without adding weight. By moving the motor to the rear hub, we can design a stiffer bottom bracket area, the same way we do with all of our road bikes. Finally, the 12mm through axle on GAIN carbon stiffens up the rear triangle.


Remove distractions

Riding bikes should be an escape from screens, a pure experience without distractions. At a glance, GAIN´s interface tells you everything you need to know and nothing more. Say no to distractions and “innovations” that only distance you from the experience; that is not what GAIN is all about.

  • Top Tube Control Center

    Sleek, subtle, and fully integrated into the top tube, the head unit offers a wealth of information and control. Here you can find basic information such as assistance level, remaining battery, and the status of your lights.

  • E-shifters

    The practicality and simplicity of the system doesn’t finish there; we have included the new e-Shifters, so you can safely set the assistance level without moving your hands.

  • Pulsar one screen

    The Pulsar ONE screen shows detailed system and route data for riders who want more information. Or you can quickly remove it and focus on enjoying the ride.

Gain Aluminium

IWOC One display

With the simple iWoc ONE interface you can power the system on or off, check motor assist level and view the remaining battery charge. Colored LED lighting puts all the information you need right at your fingertips.

PAS Sensor

Gain H’s smooth and balanced assist requires an advanced sensor. The discrete PAS sensor integrates almost invisibly with the cassette and seamlessly adjusts the power output according to your pedaling input.

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