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What makes Wild unique

Frame Construction

From 20,9 kg

Light Weight, Heavy Performance

Clever frame design, the best materials and technologies such as SBS have allowed us to reduce weight at the same time as optimizing stiffness.

E-Optimized Rigidity

Part of the key to Wild´s free and easy handling is the frame rigidity, particularly in the front triangle. It makes sense that e-bikes need carefully tuned stiffness to cope with the added forces generated by the weight of the battery and motor, however most frames compromise this in order to allow removal of the battery.

Wilds´s SBS battery means the downtube isn't compromised either in structure or design, running directly from the bottom bracket to the head-tube. Combined with our toughest OMR carbon this allows our designers to achieve the ideal rigidity without adding excess weight, resulting in the very best handling.

SBS (Secure Battery System):
Focus On Performance

Removing the battery for charging can sometimes be convenient, however it requires many structural compromises. Extra mounting hardware adds weight and complexity, and opening access to the battery either requires large holes in the frame or compromised downtube structures which add material, flex or raise the CoG Less structurally significant, but frustrating, can be rattling covers.

Mass Reduction


Increase in Stiffness


Fewer Parts


Wild is for people who are not prepared to accept anything that isn't the best handling e-bike possible.

In Wild´s quest for the ultimate handling those were compromises we couldn't accept, leading to the development of our Secure Battery System, SBS, meaning the battery is rigidly fixed in place and the frame structure is much like your favourite non-e-bike. Wild´s battery can be removed for maintenance, however needs to be charged in place.


Steep And Deep: Because Long Travel Droppers Are The Only Way

We introduced Steep and Deep on our Rallon and it was clear that riders and testers loved the extra control it offered. Implementing it on Wild presented serious challenges due to the motor and switches, however if we were to make the best handling e-bike we knew that we had to make it happen. And we did!

With it´s short, straight seat tube, Wild gives you space for your choice of long travel dropper posts across all sizes.

Get that saddle right out of the way when things get steep and deep, long travel droppers are the only way.

29er Traction With Optimized Chainstays

Integrating e-bike motors often causes an undesirable increase in chainstay length, resulting in less than natural handling. Often manufacturers use 27,5" wheels to help minimize this effect, even if this compromises the rear-wheel traction, which is critical for powerful e-bikes.

Wild's optimized 448mm chainstays give the most natural handling while the 29" rear-wheel provides the traction needed to transfer all that power to the dirt.

E-Optimized Geometry

Wild is above all a fantastically capable enduro bike and as such largely shares the Evolved Geometry you can find on the Rallon.

Evolved Geometry

Longer and slacker than ever, with low standover and a shorter, straighter seat tube to work with longer dropper posts.

Short Seat Tube

Short seat tubes and long dropper posts give choice on frame sizing. Choose your preferred reach rather than sizing for standover.

Longer, Lower And Slacker

Great stability, with natural cornering and confidence at speed.

Steep Seat Angle

Proper Pedaling Position


Bottom bracket height and crank length for performance on technical climbs.


WILD is available in four sizes, S, M, L and XL, however with one of the shortest seat tubes around you can pick between sizes to get your preferred reach. WILD is designed to work with a long travel dropper post, so choose a larger size to maximise stability, or go with a smaller size for a more playful WILD.


E-bike suspension is complex, we need maximum traction to manage the extra power, but we also need to cope with the inevitable big hits which come with higher speeds and weight. The magic happens in the middle part of the travel though, where bikes spend 90% of their time, here a carefully tuned suspension can make a bike come alive, adding all the fun back into the ride. The suspension action is a big part of why WILD feels so natural and agile, putting you in control and involving you in the ride.



WILD´s progressive suspension combines the terrific traction and active feel of a high starting leverage rate with bottomless capability as the suspension ramps up towards the end of the travel.


In the middle of the travel you will find lots of extra support, preventing the suspension from anesthetizing your ride.


The rear pivot location decouples braking forces from the swingarm assembly, reducing braking feedback.


We have kept anti-squat around 100% improve pedalling feel.


We have updated our successful concentric pivot assembly at the rear axle which effectively decouples braking forces from the suspension action. The new CB2 has fewer parts, reducing weight, increasing sensitivity and adding stiffness.

Drive Unit

Bosch Smart System

The latest BOSCH motor systems offer the ultimate in power, range and responsiveness as well as offerring more connection possibilties than ever.


WILD M-LTD comes with BOSCH¨s lightest and most powerful drive unit, developed for the EWS-E. With this motor you can have the same riding experience as the Orbea Enduro team riders.

750Wh Battery

For those of you who want the freedom of Wild´s huge 750Wh internal battery, it is available on all sizes. Adding a large battery to a small frame is not easy, often requiring compromise to the downtube structure or the bottom bracket area, however our SBS battery system allows us to offer both the larger battery plus an structurally optimized frame.

Lighter 625Wh option

While many people will want to freedom offered by the larger 750Wh battery some will prefer the ligher weight and lower cost of a smaller 625Wh battery. 20% less battery and 900g less weight, thanks to our MyO program, it is your choice.

Wireless Remote

The mini remote connects to the motor control using bluetooth, removing cables and complexity. The easily available battery lasts approximately a year and if it fails you can control the motor easily from the top tube mounted control panel.


Clean Cockpit: No Distractions So You Can Focus On The Trail

Looking at Wild´s clean cockpit you wouldn't think that you are on an ebike.The wireless remote connects to the display integrated in the top tube and all the other cables are routed via the headset, totally sealed and protected thanks to our SIC system.

Less cables, less noise, less distractions, leaving you free to focus on having the most fun possible. Like we said, you would be forgiven for forgetting this is an e-bike - until you get to the next climb.

Sealed, Internal Cables Look Great And Keep The Dirt Out

Our SIC system routes the cables along the best path through the headset, through internal guides and invisibly from the front to rear triangle via our Cable Pass.

Silicon plugs seal all entry and exit ports, preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture while high quality stainless steel upper bearings offer the ultimate in reliability.

Routing the cables through the headset, rather than around the headtube, reduces cable length, movement and limits tight bends when steering.

Our specially designed headset plate makes swapping stems, spacers, cables and brakes as easy as ever as well as eliminating the rubbing and rattling which can occur with traditional systems.


SIC is optimized for both traditional and electronic shifting systems.

Cable Pass

Cables travel between the front to the rear triangle invisibly through our fully guided and sealed Cable Pass. The cable guides extend past the motor, eliminating any rubbing or ratting as the suspension compresses and also making replacing cables much easier.

The First Properly Ergonomic Charging Port Cover

Say goodbye to poorly sealed, awkwardly placed, unergonomic charging ports. Our charging port is easily accessible and the rotational cover spins and snaps into place easily and securely.


Trust Your Ride

Our confidence in our products comes from our design and manufacturing expertise backed by our extensive testing program. Our test lab is a torture chamber for frames, where they are strapped into our proprietary reliability rigs and pushed to breaking point, measuring outright strength, rigidity, and fatigue resistance.

Spin Block Protection

Crashes happen when you are pushing hard. Our light and simple Spin Block prevents the handlebars from over rotating and damaging your beautiful frame.

Sealed Bearings

Working hard to seal the main pivot bearings, which are the most exposed, increases their lifetime and helps keep the suspension working optimally when the conditions are filthy.

Motor Skid Plate

The custom moulded motor skid plate, protects the motor and frame.


High Performance Alloy Or Carbon

Regardless of which material you choose you can rest assured that your Wild is a combination of the most advanced materials, the best designs and the highest manufacturing standards out there.

OMR Carbon

Most advanced alloy frame


High Performance Components For High Performance Bikes

OC Cockpit

Wild features our OC handlebars and stem, simplifying and integrating the cable routing and limiting rattle and rub as well as offering the balance of stiffness, absorption and strength which aggressive riders demand. Choosing OC allows us to design the cockpit to work perfectly with the Wild frame.

Fox Factory Options

The natural stability and security of Wild works perfectly with the ligthness, tuneability and agility of Fox´s latest factory air shocks.

Fox 38 Forks

Wild comes equipped with the beefy Fox 38 on all models. The Fox 38 is perfect for the Wild; stiff and controlled in the roughest of terrains. Specing a 38 up front means that the rear wheel won't get you into trouble that the front can´t get you out of.


OQUO Wheels

OQUO´s control range means no excuses. Wheels need to offer the feel and control to perform at 100% all day long, however they can’t compromise on weight or reliability. A damaged wheel could mean the end of your race for the pros, or a long walk home for the rest of us.

On enduro race tracks, bikes and wheels are pushed to the limit. Our Enduro Carbon tune, specific rim designs, and strong j-bend spokes maximize strength while the bead design maximizes impact protection, particularly on the rear wheel.

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