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Warranties and coverage

Register your bicycle bar code.

To enjoy the benefits of our warranty, you must register your bicycle online before the deadline. To register, enter the bar code for your bike in your account at

Register your bicycle bar code

If you need one of the services provided through our warranties or lifetime coverage, we recommend you visit your local dealer, who will take care of everything.

If you prefer, you can also contact us.

The constant effort we make every day to produce the highest quality bicycles enables us to offer the following warranty and coverage conditions:


ORBEA provides a lifetime warranty once the statutory warranty period has expired, on the terms indicated below.


  • To supplement the statutory warranty offered, ORBEA offers all users a free, voluntary ORBEA lifetime warranty, which consists of a lifetime warranty (i.e. with no time limitation) on all frames and rigid forks mounted on our bikes against defects consisting of breakage and/or cracking.
  • "Frame" here covers all frames of ORBEA bikes and own-brand rigid forks. For the purposes of this commercial warranty, "frame" is deemed to comprise the chainstays, seatstays and front triangles of full-suspension frames, but does not include any other parts that may be attached to frames (which are classed as "spares") or suspension forks.
  • This ORBEA lifetime warranty also applies for a further one year as from the expiry of the statutory warranty (i.e. up to three years as from the purchase of the product by the user) in the case of faulty paint or varnish and corrosion on all frames and rigid forks.
  • Under this ORBEA lifetime warranty, purchasers are entitled to the repair and/or replacement of the affected product in case of any breakage or cracking in the frame and/or rigid forks.


  • This warranty is available only to the original purchasers of products who complete the online registration form for the bicycle or frame within 30 days as from their purchase. It is not transferrable to subsequent purchasers of the materials covered, other than the original purchaser. When filing a claim under this warranty, the user must provide a copy of the purchase document (sales invoice) for the bicycle to ORBEA or the distributor.
  • This warranty does not apply to breaks or cracks arising from negligent use of the bicycle, the mounting of non-original accessories not supplied or mounted by our factory, or any inappropriate manipulation or maintenance operations by you, the user, or by any third party on your behalf.
  • The user must maintain the product purchased in good working condition, according to the instructions and recommendations provided in the instruction booklet accompanying the bicycle and the manuals published on the ORBEA website. ORBEA may reject any warranty claims that are the direct result of poor product maintenance by the user.
  • Due to the inherent hazards associated with using a bicycle on roads or trails and the physical risks arising from the use of same, this warranty refers only to the replacement of the components affected and does not cover any personal injury that may arise directly or indirectly from malfunction during use. In case of a traffic accident, regardless of who directly caused same, the warranty provided by ORBEA is null and void.


  • To invoke the cover provided under this warranty, the user must proceed to the point of sale where he/she purchased the product, so that the distributor can process the claim. If it is not possible to visit that distributor or if visiting same would result overly burdensome for you, the user, you may go to the official ORBEA distributorclosest to your home to process the claim or contact ORBEA directly via the link below, to receive instructions on how to process the warranty claim. When filing a claim under this warranty, the user must provide a copy of the purchase document (sales invoice) for the bicycle to ORBEA or the distributor.
  • Should it prove impossible to repair, ORBEA will replace the faulty product with a product with similar characteristics. Should this in turn prove impossible on these terms, ORBEA may either deliver to the user another product with the same quality and features or, at its discretion, offer the user a discount on a new purchase for a sum proportional to the residual value of the faulty product. That residual value will be calculated on the basis of a 6% depreciation per annum on the original retail price of the faulty product as from the year in which it entered the range. ORBEA may replace personalized products in the MyO range by similar products in the current colour range if the original personalization cannot be reproduced.
  • If a frame is replaced by a product with the same quality an features, this warranty will not cover the replacement of any component installed on the original bike that is incompatible with the replacement product provided by ORBEA. The cost of any parts, spares, accessories and/or components required for final assembly is payable by the user.
  • Should it prove necessary to send the product to the facilities of ORBEA, the latter will pay the shipping costs provided that the warranty claim is handled via the same distributor from which the product was purchased. ORBEA reserves the right to claim back the said costs for the shipping and return of the product from the user should the latter decide to handle the warranty claim via a distributor other than the one from which the products was purchased or directly with ORBEA, or should the claim filed by the user prove not to be covered by the warranty.
  • The user must in all cases also pay the cost of the labour required to disassemble and reassemble the frame and/or fork to be repaired or replaced if ORBEA is asked to perform these tasks. Should these services be required from an official distributor, their cost will also be payable by the user.
  • This warranty is subject to the decision reached by our technicians with regard to the nature of the product non-conformity once they have studied it