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Our carbon seatpost is one of the lightest on the market while still exceeding our exacting reliability standards. We have skimped on the details either, and our saddle clamping system allows you to adjust the tilt and setback independently and precisely, making finding your perfect position easy. Of course, we include the capability to integrate a battery holder with the optional support.

  • Comfort

    Our carbon layup offers controlled vertical compliance of the seatpost, helping to absorb vibration and shocks.

  • Lightweight and Robust

    Using high grade aluminium and tightly controlling tube profiles allows us to only add material where it is needed, giving the lightest bar possible without compromising strength.

  • 7mm and 9mm Compatible

    Our clamp easily accepts both 7mm round and 7x9mm oval saddle rails.

  • Micro Tilt Adjustment Technology

    Our clamping system allows tilt and setback to be adjusted independently. Tilt can also be finely adjusted using the micro-adjust screw.

  • Narrow Saddle Rail Clamp

    The narrow clamp maximises the range of setback adjustment while maximising the compliance of the saddle rails.

Product information




Diameter Ø

27,2 mm


"Ø27,2 x 350 mm Ø27,2 x 400 mm "

Net weight

Ø27.2x350xSB0 190g Ø27.2x400xSB0 200g

Minimum insertion according to size

Ø27,2 x 350 => 90 mm Ø27,2 x 400 => 100 mm

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