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Universal suspension lockouts on the market can be disappointing. Many are bulky with unattractive in-line cable adjusters and only offer two positions - locked and open. A high-performance bike calls for a sleeker design with a mid-compression setting to get the most from your suspension, so we developed our own solution. Many remote shocks are already compatible with a three-position lockout and Squidlock unlocks this potential.


This terrific upgrade is standard equipment on top Oiz models and is available as an inexpensive upgrade though the rest of the range. Additionally, Squidlock is compatible with any bike that is already fitted with a remote lockout and 3-position suspension.

  • Robust and Light

    No plastic housing or covers, Squidlock is lighter and more robust than a standard lockout.

  • Integrated and Sleek

    Squidlock is compact and reliable, tucked safely under the bars with the ergonomic levers within easy reach without moving your hands. Squidlock is a perfect fit with Oiz´s patented I-Line technology, giving the sleekest, most integrated shock controls out there.

  • Clever Tension Adjustments

    Too much tension is bad for you and your suspension. - but so are frustrating and clunky in-line cable adjusters. Squidlock does away with the need for barrel adjusters with minimalist set screws inside the cable mount. It’s a tiny detail, but it saves weight and swabs the deck of unnecessary complications.


  • Compatibility

    Squidlock works with most Oiz models from 2018 onwards. Squidlock has been designed for optimal functionality with FOX Push-to-Unlock suspension, however it will work with Push-to-Lock suspensions but the lever action may be heavier than desired. For full details please consult our blue paper.


  • 3 Positions

    A high-performance bike calls for a 3 position remote, with a mid-compression setting in addition to open and locked. Squidlock is designed to let you get the most from your suspension.

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