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OC stands for top quality, innovative components designed to work with your bike to enhance performance and maximise customization options.

Innovative Designs To Complement Your Bike

Each OC component is designed from the start to work with your Orbea bike, improving performance and maximizing customization options. Innovative, competitive products backed up by our quality guarantee.

Modern integrated bike designs demand intelligent component solutions

Modern bikes are more integrated than ever. Maximizing performance necessitates control over the whole package. Components and accessories must work with the bike to improve performance and offer innovative solutions.

Innovative Engineering and Custom Designs

All OC products are custom designed by our team of developers, using the most modern design technology to develop innovative solutions.

Advanced Manufacturing Experience

With decades of manufacturing experience in the bike industry, OC guarantees the highest levels of quality through the most advanced manufacturing processes and the best materials. When you ride OC you can be confident that you are using the highest quality components and accessories.

To The Highest Standards

Testing is critical for maintaining quality, and OC´s in-house testing facilities, ensure that all products exceed the highest standards. That is only one part of the story, and all our products are extensively tested in the real world before a design is even accepted for production.

Forged in Competition

Competition is the fire that forges the highest levels of performance. For that reason, all OC products are tested and raced during the development process to refine and improve the designs.

Shared Knowledge and Experience

The relationship between Orbea and OC is critical. As well as sharing testing, design and manufacturing experience, it means that OC products are designed right from the start to complement the latest bike designs.

Your bike, just how you want it.

With a wide range of sizes, ergonomics and materials you are bound to find the perfect fit, look and feel for you. OC work with Orbea to offer these choices throughout the MyO program when you choose your bike. Say goodbye to the standard bike-in-a-box and say hello to the perfect fit, feel and look for you!

Thinking of everything but focussing on the details.

Great components and accessories are a critical part of a great bike and to improve the whole package we need to focus on the details. OC offers a choice of high quality options to complete your bike, optimise ergonomics, increase performance and refine integration.


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