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A history of reinvention

The long road of the Orbea story contains some twists and turns, some strenuous climbs and descents. It is a story of reinvention – read on and join us for the ride.

Our journey began in 1840, in the vibrant Basque Country.

This spectacular and rugged landscape shaped our values and our passion for both teamwork and independence.

The chosen path of this family-owned company started with gun manufacturing in Eibar, focusing on customization from the beginning.

In 1931, the road ahead became crystal clear: Orbea was destined to be a bicycle builder.

Orbea would impact the cycling community with their products and passion, having such an influence on various races, that the Vuelta started on the doorsteps of the factory.

Even with this success, the road was not always easy.

In the years that followed, a struggle for financial survival required the workers to pull together to secure the future of Orbea by taking it into their own hands in 1969.

Teamwork, independence, and determination proved to be a winning combination – our employee-owned company beat the odds.

In 1971, the Orbea Cooperative made the decision to join the Mondragon Cooperative Group as an independent organization within the larger group.

A few years later, facilities were moved to Mallabia, giving Orbea employees the freedom and responsibility to design their destiny.

With the future wide open, Orbea bicycles took on the next challenge of becoming a global competitor.

Along the way, we learned Orbea riders were inspired by our unique story and values – because each of them had their own unique story and pathway too.

So in 2015, we took our customization a step further by powering forward with “MyO”.

Our pioneering customization service which enables everyone to create their perfect ride and make their dreams come true.

We are Orbea – always with you on the road of progress.

After more than 180 years, the road, and trails, ahead still call. We proudly bring our heritage and values with us, while we focus on the next turn, the next challenge, the continued ascent.