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One of a kind cycling brand

A history of reinvention

The long road of the Orbea story contains some twists and turns, some strenuous climbs and descents. It is a story of reinvention – read on and join us for the ride.

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Brand essence

The brand essence is a concise summary of our brand that will empower everyone that is connected to Orbea to share the same story – who we are, why we exist, and what we stand for.

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Each unique story we tell brings you closer to our project, our passions, our family. Learn about the many dimensions of who we are and how that shapes our mission as a cooperative; striving to innovate and continually create and manufacture the best and most unique products industry-wide while promoting a more fair society for all.

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We believe that a different way of managing business is essential, where honesty leads to success, and everyone makes an impact. Orbea is a family, a group of people passionate about manufacturing, about being part of something bigger, about more than “just a job”.

Your passion and uniqueness have a place in our organization. We want to count on you.

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