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The Orbea brand purpose states why we exist and what our customers, both dealers, and users, can expect from us as a brand, as an organization, of our products, and of our services anytime they interact with Orbea. The brand purpose should align and guide us as we continue to grow and evolve.

We create and manufacture unique bikes to inspire riders who share our passion for cycling and our belief in a fair society.


Our closeness to our users and the manufacturing process allows us to design, develop, and build personalized bikes.


As passionate riders, we believe every demanding and ambitious rider deserves the most advanced solution – that provides excellence to achieve excellence, that enables them to reach their full potential.


Our creativity does not start and end in Orbea – we use it to develop innovative solutions that give our users the opportunity to activate their own creativity. Each bicycle should be as individual as the person riding it.


We want riders to understand that cycling is a part of something bigger – who value that Orbea does things the right way, without compromise – who understand our bicycles are a catalyst for a fairer, more sustainable society.



The orbea brand values explain how we do what we do, and they are what sets us apart from our competition – they are deeply rooted in the heart of our business and should guide everything we do.


Driven by our passion for cycling, we live performance and strive for excellence every day.

At Orbea, we all take pleasure in the whole process – from the first spark of an idea to seeing our bikes being ridden all around the world. We are passionate about challenging the competition and the statu quo - no matter if it’s about products, customer service, or internal processes – our enthusiasm for improvement never waivers.

Our R&D ecosystem of partners and universities, guided by our internal team of cycling fanatics, is determined to develop bikes designed for performance. We understand better than anyone that our community holds us to the highest standards, from product to experience to ethics, it continuously drives us to be our best.

Passion at Orbea means every challenge is an opportunity to test ourselves, develop better products, and provide users with customized, reliable solutions that we can take pride in – every time. Everything we do is driven by our love for cycling and commitment to excellence.


We evolve continuously by developing unique innovations that focus on our customer’s needs.

The structure of our business, as a cooperative, means we operate differently. We work together to constantly evolve and improve for ourselves, our partners, our dealers, and our users. Customer-centricity is our key to evolution – we know that our relationship with other riders allows us to identify user-relevant challenges and unique innovation potential.

We strive to make cyclists’ dreams come true by providing the best service and the ability to become part of the design process. We enable our users to customize their own, one-of-a-kind bicycle painted and assembled in house.

Uniqueness at ORBEA means everything we do, from how we operate, to how we work with each other, with partners, and with riders, to how we build bicycles, we do differently, always searching for our own way to exceed expectations.


We are committed to creating a fairer society.

Our cooperative is the heart and soul of our organization. Cooperation is in our blood, and we believe in our responsibility to one another, to our riders, to our partners, to our community, and to society. We are committed to creating social equity through our democratic ideals and structure.

We believe in creating an environment where we can develop a deeper understanding of our work and relationships with each other, our dealers, our partners, and the cycling community. We believe honesty leads to success. We know that the sum of each right choice made locally, has the power to have a positive impact globally.

Fairness at ORBEA means everyone has a voice, that we have a “we” mindset instead of a “me” mindset, and that if one person succeeds, we all do. We have the freedom to design our destiny, but also the responsibility to leave our community better than we found it.


Products & services

The products we sell and the services we provide are what we do. Every rider is different, and our products and services (our portfolio covers bikes, accessories, components, and spare parts) should always exceed their expectations.

We provide high-value, personalized, services and products that are built with the rider in mind – giving them enduring confidence.


Why can everybody believe what Orbea claims? Our values are uniqueness, fairness, and passion and each of our "Reasons to Believe" demonstrate our commitment to those values.


We are the only international bike brand in the world that is a cooperative. Our cooperative mindset proves our dedication to fairness and reflects the unique way we operate and work together. We believe that a different way of managing business is possible, where work prevails over capital, and where everyone makes an impact.


At Orbea, manufacturing is in our DNA – we have over 180 years of experience in precision production and a passion for creation. Having our headquarters and manufacturing in the same place enables everyone, from sales to marketing to painters, to be a part of development. We paint, assemble, test, and inspect our bikes in-house this quality check allows us to constantly assess our processes, consistently improve, and guarantees quality.


In 1840, Orbea began as a gun manufacturer but transitioned to a more sustainable business the business of bicycles in 1931. Now, with more than 80 years of experience in the cycling industry, Orbea has been a constant force, riding the highs and lows. Our heritage and racing legacy have allowed us to always get better at identifying real opportunities.


The Basque Country a region rooted in its culture and traditions, but always looking forward is where Orbea was born. The spirit and landscape, that have shaped who we are today, reflect our close connection to nature and our environment. The roads we ride every day are used for a multitude of races, including some of the most prestigious tests on the calendar.