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24 hours to re-invent the bicycle


Next weekend '24 hours of Innovation' will be held at the Estia Technology Center in Biarritz, where Orbea will present two ideas so that students from the centre can revolutionize the world of the bicycle.

Next weekend 24 hours of Innovation will be held, a contest that takes place annually at the Estia Technology Center Biarritz (France) and where several companies offer ideas to students so that in one day, they can devise a novel and useful system that may be developed in future.

Last year Orbea´s proposal was the winner of the contest and consisted of a mobility system for exploring the red planet which the students from the centre (in the pictures) develop and design in 24 hours. This year Orbea year has put forward two situations: "How can all the energy produced by a bicycle be harnessed?" and "how can the bicycle be converted into an intelligent element?"

With these two starting points and the parameters established by the company and the Centre, students will have to find a way to harness the energy we produce while pedaling (heat, movement ...) and the environmental factor (wind, sun ...) to retrieve the wasted energy, store it and for use by other functions of the bike (lights, gps ...) or other tasks unrelated to it (for example, charging the phone or use a kitchen blender ...).

In addition, an s-bike (or smart bike) can be created and turned into a computer and robot to inform us in real time of its status and even automatically repair itself and interact with other intelligent systems.

Where there´s innovation, there´s Orbea.