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Lea Davison Joins the CLIF Pro Team


The Clif Pro Team is excited to announce the signing of two-time Olympian, Lea Davison.

Davison has been on the upswing lately, earning a silver medal at the 2016 world championships in Czech Republic, and competing in the Olympics for the United States a second time. She is also an eight-time U.S. National Champion and has been a Clif Bar sponsored athlete – albeit on another trade team – for the past several seasons.

Lea is also the co-founder of the Little Bellas, a mountain bike organization whose goal is to help young women realize their potential through cycling. The energetic cycling advocate is on the board of directors for USA Cycling, and the advisory board for the Women’s Cycling Association. The native Vermontan is admittedly passionate about "everything that has to do with Vermont, including maple syrup."

Lea announced, "I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the Clif Pro Team for the 2017 season.  This is such a strong group of women and the best women's team in the world, and this makes me very excited.  This just may be the change I need to reach my full potential as a rider.  Joining a company that has such a long history supporting women in sport really feels right for my personal mission of empowering females on bikes.  I'm honored to join this legacy, and, working together with Clif Bar, we can move mountains"

Lea will be joining these familiar faces as they line up for the 2017 season:

-Katerina Nash  (CZE)

-Catharine Pendrel  (CAN)

-Eva Lechner (ITA)

-Maghalie Rochette  (CAN)

-Andrea Waldis  (SUI)

-Hannah Rae Finchamp  (USA)

-Haley Batten (USA)

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