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Orbea Katu E20A: Top scores from Elektrobike


The German magazine has given our most daring urban bike a “Sehr Gut” rating, its highest possible test result, as well as its “recommended product” (Kauftipp) distinction. We have reason to celebrate!

German magazines are known in the cycling world for their impartiality and the rigor of their tests. This is why we are very proud of having received a “Sehr Gut” and the “recommended product” distinction. Orbea Katu is a bike with electric and non-electric versions that is revolutionizing the urban world: one size fits all, with 20” wheels, front and rear storage, available in 8 colors… and these are just some of its features. Here's what Elektrobike had to say after testing it:

"The Orbea Katu E20A allows you to move quickly around the city, thanks to the magnificent engineering behind it and its ease of pedaling. This model's assembly makes it a good value, which is why we have given it our “Kauftipp” (recommended product) rating.”

The testers from the German magazine stressed that the Katu “is a compact, stable bike with balanced pedaling.” These are characteristics that we have achieved thanks to an aluminum frame that is lightweight, durable, designed for multi-size ergonomics and a solid feel when riding.

Its geometry, 20” wheels, purely urban orientation and “one size fits all” concept, with a single size that adapts to the ergonomics of every rider, are values that have been reflected in the Elektrobike test: “Thanks to its geometry, it is a fast bike that is easy to pedal.”

The magazine goes on to analyze the assembly of the Katu E20 A model, indicating that “the model tested is somewhat limited by its three speeds.” However, for those who want more, we also offer the 8A model with 8 speeds.

As if this wasn't enough, the Katu is also a finalist in the Delta design awards. If you'd like to know more - and fall even deeper in love with this bike - visit its minisite.