Orbea Kids: Experiencing freedom is much more than child's play


Bicycles are magical objects that let kids experience a new dimension of freedom.

At Orbea, we are aware of the importance of quality in the things we place in the hands of our children. For this reason, Orbea's kids’ bikes are intended and designed for families trying lead a healthy lifestyle by pedaling. Careful attention to detail is paid to make these bikes as easy as possible for kids to learn to ride and enjoy cycling.

A quality bike is the best way to ensure great cycling experiences for children and their families. Our slogan sums up what we think: "Children prefer vehicles over bicycles."

GROW 1 and 2

GROW is an innovative line of all-purpose, versatile children's bikes that are designed to provide the best experience on both trails and in the city.

Meticulously studied ergonomics, carefully selected components and lightweight monotube aluminum chassis make GROW a unique product in terms of both appearance and features. But there are many more factors that make GROW a very different product:

GROW adapts in size to young, growing cyclists. This ensures that your child has an unprecedented, quality ride for a longer period of time.

Safety is another key factor with GROW: the shape of the frame makes it easier to control and more maneuverable (even when stopped). The large diameter of its tubes absorbs the inevitable bumps along the way as new riders learn how to ride. All of this - and many more details that can be seen on our website - are why the GROW design has received awards and recognition around the world.

MX Kids

Real mountain bikes designed for kids who want to explore the limits of this exciting sport from an early age. Whether it’s getting a head start in the world of trail riding, or long “off-road” treks. MX kids’ bikes are designed for intense use.

With Orbea's experience in designing products for this sport, we have developed sturdy, lightweight bikes with a geometry specifically designed so that mini-mountain bikers can show the stuff they're made of.


There’s no question about it: a good beginning is the best gift. At Orbea, we're aware that the GROW 0 is the first “serious vehicle” its owner will have, and we know that it will help its rider learn a crucial skill: balance. This is really what's left after a ton of sensations, smiles and experiences. Ensuring that young riders will have a quality experience during this first step has been the source of inspiration when creating this product.

Orbea helmets: Safety is important.

We all know that safety is important on a bike, and that wearing a quality helmet is essential.

It is imperative for the helmet to be well designed and fit closely, not just for comfort, but also for safety. A well-fitting helmet lets little ones concentrate on riding the bike. In case of an impact, the helmet must offer the best guarantees of protection. That's why Orbea has created its “Sport Kids” and “Sport Youth” helmets. Both have been designed with our two-layer TC Technology, for a light, sturdy and comfortable product. And once the helmet is on, it's time for fun and adventures.