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Orbea Ordu Andrew Starykowicz Special Edition


Orbea presents the Ordu designed for Andrew Starykowicz to hit the Ironman record in Kona

Andrew Starykowicz is a record man. Nobody has ever been faster than he was at an Ironman. In 2012 he set a world-best Ironman bike split of 4:04:39, and he stopped the clock at 4:02:17 the following year, scoring the fastest time on the bike at the Ironman Hawaii.

Against this backdrop, Starky has set an ambitious goal for himself: to break this record again in the leading tri event in Kona. Orbea, FSA and Mavic want to help out designing a bike especially for him.

This bike here is an Orbea Ordu OMR with a very special design.

FAST is Andrew’s logo (a pun on his initials and the word ‘fast’), on the top tube at eye level. Another logo can be read on the seatpost. The legend on the right side chainstay reads ‘Fighting to win and punish’. Andrew is quite straightforward. He is determined to win and thrash his rivals. The seatpost has stars standing for his Ironman records. He aims at getting yet another star this year.

FSA, which also sponsors Andrew, has developed a crankset and a custom Vision Metro handlebar. With the American flag presiding over the handlebar, the Italian brand made the top quality parts our champion deserves.

As to Mavic, they provided the amazing CXR80 wheels that turn the bike into a machine that is likely to be unbeatable in Kona, ready to break the 4:02 record.

Eurobike is the first event to see this bike. The next stop will be Kona, on 11 October.

Support Andrew Starykowicz with the hashtag #assaultkona and get the chance to win a number of gifts we will announce soon.