Orbea Powerbikes: bicycles for a new paradigm


Orbea would like to share new solutions for electrically assisted cycling and getting around town.

E-bikes make it possible for everyone to travel by bike on a daily basis, and they provide new leisure-time options, including the wildest mountain bike experiences that let you control how much effort you put into them. Now more than ever, it's a pleasure to ride a bike.

Katu: exceptionally universal.

Bicycles as a means of transportation have clearly taken center stage. This is being driven by a combination of economic factors, social and aesthetic trends, and environmental awareness. The Orbea Katu line of urban bicycles (electrically assisted and traditional pedal powered) were created by Orbea in response to these exciting times for cycling, in addition to all the realities mentioned above.

The Katu is a firm commitment to the new mobility, sustainability and usability.

It's made in Europe, at Orbea's own factory.

Drastically reduced industrial processes have given us an essentially minimalist design that is structurally solid and has an extremely long-lasting appearance.

Its 20” wheels are optimised for steering on today's city streets. These wheels are larger and wider than those typically found on folding bicycles, but smaller than those on a classic bike. They are also lightweight, stable, agile and less invasive in both pedestrian areas and when parking the bike (at home or on the street).

The Katu's load distribution system enables it to carry a considerable volume and up to 30 kg between the front and rear baskets. It is also designed so that the weight has practically no effect on steering.

Orbea equips its electric versions of the Katu bike with the system that is currently the most modern, safest and easiest to use: BOSCH Active.

Manufactured entirely in-house, we are able to offer this bike in 8 different colors, but we recommend you see it in person.

Everything about the Katu is unique - even its size!. Katu's ergonomics are designed to easily adjust to riders of different sizes, because the more people who can ride it, the better.

The goal is for the Katu to be an essentially practical bike that is natural, easy and comfortable to ride in the city. The idea is to get more people to pedal.

Keram: fun and functionality with style.

Keram is a flexible platform that guarantees fun on any terrain and in any circumstances:

The Keram All-Use will let you use your bike every day in the city and go for a ride on dirt trails when you're eager for a more adventurous excursion.

The Keram Asphalt and Keram MTB models are intended for a much more specific use: The Keram Asphalt is is aimed at the most cosmopolitan of cyclists who want a bike with a sporty feel to enjoy rides in the city.

The Keram MTB is designed to make the exciting sport of mountain biking accessible to everyone. In the case of the Keram MTB, ergonomics are focused on creating a more relaxed riding position than on a normal mountain bike. The aim is to provide greater control of the bicycle and a more enjoyable ride.

Optima: balance is everything.

Optima is an electric bike designed primarily to make longer city and intercity trips more comfortable and safer. Its design and ergonomics offer easy access at the center of the frame and especially fluid, natural pedaling once you're on the move. Its riding position makes it an especially comfortable bike.


It is important to point out that all assisted pedaling products in the Orbea catalog not only meet internal quality standards (analyzed in our own quality labs), they also comply with European Pedelec guidelines and are officially approved in the geographical region where they are sold to be ridden as a bicycle (without the need for any specific permit).