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Press Clipping

Orbea Press Clippings: for those who want to know it all (January)


Starting this month, you can find everything the press is saying about the Orbea universe, right here on our website. If you want to be an Orbea 'know-it-all', here's your tool.

From both the mainstream and specialized media. From magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites. Our news, ourbikes, our technologiesOrbea MonegrosTeam CofidisAndrew Starykowicz and more…The truth is that over the course of a month, Orbea appears in a ton of magazines, websites and newspapers around the world.

And it's about time that we started sharing it with you. Starting this month, we'll post on our website the main Orbea-related content that is published in leading media sources. It'll mainly be about the sector (cycling, triathlon, Enduro, etc.), but this is not all you'll see.

Every month, you'll have access to a complete press kit, where we'll compile the main reviews of our models, articles about our teams and athletes, experiences and adventures of our ambassadors, events we organize or sponsor…and much more that we know will interest you.

Here's the first of these “clippings,” hot off the press: If you'd like to see it, click on this link!