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Pendrel wins the Test of Metal in Squamish BC


Catharine Pendrel won the Test of Metal cross country event in Squamish BC (Canada), beating the closest competitor by over ten minutes.

Catharine Pendrel raced her Orbea Alma 26-er to win the Test of Metal in Squamish BC. The Canadian returned to the famed course for the first time since 2011 and won her record fifth overall TOM women’s title. Even with a flat tire change, she beat the next woman, Jean-ann Berkenpas, by over ten minutes and won all ten primes (section challenges).

Catharine said, “it was pretty good out there today and I was feeling really good riding with a good group of guys but I had a flat tire before the Plunge and lost a decent chunk of time,” she said.

This popular BC event draws over 800 people for a mass start mountain bike marathon and post race BBQ.

The race started out on pavement and after a punishing climb with the boys, the women entered dirt for the rest of the day. The first half of the race was very hilly. The second half featured many fun trails as they enjoyed losing all their hard earned elevation.

According to Catharine, “this year I got to do a lot of the climbing with former multi Ironman World Champion Peter Reid riding in the top 15 overall (men and women), until I flatted on a rough rocky road about 2hrs into the 2hr 50+ event. It was a great day and the kind of event that grows our sport by showing how great a community mountain bikers offer.”

1. Catharine Pendrel (2:55:15)

2. Jean-ann Berkenpas (3:05:45)

3. Wendy Simms (3:05:59)

4. Brandi Heisterman (3:06:57)

5. Chloe Cross (3:08:24)