Sand’s not just for sunbathing


Orbea Travel invites you to take time out in Tunisia this Easter week, biking among dunes and palm trees as you discover the rich culture of the Berbers.

Tunisia, the smallest country in the Maghreb, is located between the Atlas mountain foothills and the Mediterranean Sea. Around 40% of the country is the Sahara desert and the rest is fertile soil.

ORBEA TRAVEL can guarantee that this trip will be one of the most thrilling you have ever experienced: five days biking through the Grand Erg Oriental, through spectacular dune landscapes and palm trees and discovering the Matmata troglodyte houses.

Our adventure will take us to one of the most fascinating mountain biking locations you could ever imagine: a sea of dunes, a deceptively hostile terrain for bikes, although it won’t take long to learn to tackle it, as practically the entire route is bikable.

Are you ready for something different?

Adventure awaits with Orbea Travel:

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