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Stetson Lee wins Battle Born Enduro in Reno


Teal Stetson Lee won the first Enduro of the CA Enduro Series for 2014 in Reno.

Teal Stetson Lee showed she's back in action when she won the Battle Born Enduro, the first Enduro of the CA Enduro Series for 2014. Stetson Lee was fortunate enough to compete in her own backyard, Reno, NV on Peavine mountain, a mere 10 minute ride from her house. The competitors had to start early (8:30AM) to try to beat the heat.

According to Teal, "it was an extremely hot and dusty day, mid 90s. After racing for a solid 3.5 hours with long uphill transitions and 5 stages of anaerobic racing I won. There were several hard pedaling stages and the race finished with a super technical downhill course that tested everyone's skills, focus, and fitness, having already put in 3 hours of riding before the final stage. The race was well organized and I met some incredible people!"

Why Reno, NV for the CA Enduro series you may wonder? The promoters claim, "Just like the Tour de France occasionally starts in England or Belgium, the CES felt that Reno was geographically close enough." 

Final results:
1 Teal Stetson Lee 28:38:54
2 Amy Morrison 30:31.90
3 Megan Melack 30:48.74