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Welcome to ORBEA Borders Bike Festival!


The very popular Selkirk MTB Marathon and Selkirk Raid (together known as the Borders Bike Festival) is returning in 2016, and will be sponsored by ORBEA.

The festival is organised by Selkirk based Durty Events who are responsible for award winning triathlon and duathlon events throughout Scotland including the Aviemore Triathlon, Craggy Island Triathlon and the famous Celtman! Extreme Triathlon. Local trailbuilder Pete Laing – a well-known face in mountain biking circles, and the man who designed the original Glentress 7 Stanes and Golspie trail centres – is responsible for course design.

Paul McGreal from Durty Events said:  ‘We are delighted to be returning to Selkirk for the 2016 Marathon, and the new Selkirk Raid event.  The Scottish Borders have some excellent trails, and it's one of the few areas in Britain that can provide a proven, challenging marathon course over a single loop.

There are two fully marked courses with distances of 50km and 75km - something for novices, intermediates, enthusiasts and racing snakes alike.

The 50km course can be completed as either a ‘Marathon’, or as the brand-new-for-2016 Selkirk Raid. The organisers describe Selkirk Raid as;

The ORBEA Selkirk MTB Raid is a subtle combination of Enduro timed special stages (eyeballs out against your mates and the clock, if that's your bag, baby), and a great days' riding in the hills and forests of this spectacular corner of the country.

If you're Enduro-curious (always fancied a go, but a bit put off by the gnar), or an Enduro-dude up for some great riding (and a bit of pedalling - no moaning now!), this is the race for you.

Here's the twist.... there will be 4 brilliant timed Special Stages - all descents. Ride like the wind!. However, for every 5 minutes over a target time you are, we add 5 seconds to your time for Special Stage 5. So, dawdle too long at the top of Stages 1 -4, and you risk adding time to your Stage 5 time. Ride too fast and you might be sub-optimal on Stages 1 - 4. Oooh! - tactical decisions!.

The courses are mainly ‘real’ mountain biking with a fantastic mix of natural and hand-made singletrack, twin-track forest roads and ancient drove roads.  Riders will visit the valleys of the Rivers Tweed, Yarrow and Ettrick. They can expect lung and thigh busting climbs that are rewarded with epic grin-inducing descents. The 75km course will also include some of the very best man-made trail centre routes at Innerleithen. The 50km and 75km routes will include a few special timed ‘Enduro’ sections to add a little more spice.

The Selkirk MTB Marathon and Selkirk Raid will take place on Sunday 1st May 2016 and the event will be based at Selkirk Rugby Club in the Scottish Borders. The event has been held for around 13 years, and has been organised by Durty Events since 2013.

The organisers work closely with Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Borders Council to deliver the event successfully. They are also grateful for the support of many community organisations within the town: Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team, Selkirk Rugby Club, Selkirk Regeneration Company, Selkirk Chamber of Trade, Selkirk Community Council.