Tell us what makes you an Ironmind: a 7 nights stay in the Royal Kona Resort is at stake!


Enter our competition for the chance to win a 7 nights stay in the Royal Kona Resort next to the Orca team thanks to Hannes Hawaii Tours.

Kona Ironman is known as one of the most iconic and testing of all triathlon races. The challenge of the race is matched only by the raw beauty of the Big Island. You, more than anyone, know that triathlon is not all about physical strength, but also about mental strength. Having a mind made of iron is a key factor when competing.

You ‘ve put everything on the line to make it to Kona, and now that your dream has come true, you have the chance to stay with the best triathlon travel agency (Hannes Hawaii Tours) and meet athletes from the Orca Team, including Macca, Sebastian Kienle and Andrew Starykowicz!

All you need to do for your chance to join us in this unforgettable experience is to have proof you have bought an Orca product during 2013 and to tell us what makes an IRONMIND out of you.