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Ander Corral: New Product Manager for XC/Cross Country


In line with our values, Ander is stepping up from the Purchasing Area to head the team charged with developing products for the rally family,

We have always maintained a commitment to our users and suppliers, to ourselves and to society. This new move by Ander Corral is in line with that commitment.

He joined Orbea early last year, since when he has worked as a specialist in the Purchasing Area. His skill, his love of bikes and his hard work have enabled him to develop his career just as our products and our whole organisation are also developing.

"We started from an already high standard in the MTB range, which made the task of improving on the work done by Xabi Narbaiza and the whole team over the years even harder", says Ander. Xabi is to continue as Trail and Enduro Product Manager, splitting his time between that position and his responsibilities as Head of Product Development.

"There is always room for improvement and new technologies will continue to emerge that we must make use of to stand out and carry on growing", says Ander Corral, before going on to explain how the categories of MTB are segmented for purposes of product development.

"Separating XC on one hand and Trail & Enduro on the other helps us to take care of every little detail, because although they are both MTB their users are different. With this approach we seek to reach out to each of them on a more personal level", he concludes.

True to our values

One of our principles is to give back as much as we can to society, and one of the ways in which we can do that is through our commitment to promotion from in-house.

This also fosters our corporate culture and values.  All those values are deeply ingrained at Orbea, just as they are throughout the Mondragón cooperative.

Values such as solidarity, cooperation, participation and a passion for what we do are just some of the basic foundations on which the Orbea family is built.