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Orbea Athletes

Andrew Starykowicz takes second place in the Austin Ironman, with the best time on the bike.


Triathlon after triathlon, Andrew continues to prove that the aerodynamics, efficiency and revolutionary design of the new Ordu make it one-of-a-kind against the clock

After marking the best cycling stage time in the history of an Ironman 70.3 and smashing the cycling record in the Challenge Roth, Andrew ended this weekend with the best time on the bicycle course of the Austin Ironman: 2:08:38. And this was in spite of the flat he had shortly after hopping on the bike!

Starykowicz, who was also the first out of the water, with a time of 0:24:16, engaged in a passionate duel with Australian Sam Appleton, who eventually went on to claim victory.

Andrew Starykowicz continues to show that having “the time of your life” is possible if you have a unique bike like the Ordu. Orbea has developed exclusive technologies specifically for this bike, which help riders go faster under the conditions they typically encounter on the road: faster at slower speeds and faster with steeper steering angles.

The next triathlon date for Orbea and Orca is the Arizona Ironman, which will be held on November 15. Andrew will once again fly by on his bike…and who knows if he'll break a new record? #RideFightWin #BuildingAthletes

Top 5 Pro Men

1             Appleton, Sam AUS       3:51:16

2             Starykowicz, A. USA       3:52:59

3             Reid, Taylor        CAN       4:00:39

4             Hadley, James  GBR       4:01:54

5             Amorelli, Igor    BRA       4:02:18