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Two podiums with Oiz and Alma to start the season


On Saturday, Annie Last finished third riding te Oiz. Victor Koretzky was sencond racing with Alma.

Victor Koretzky (2nd): "Continue like this"

"A week after the Med Epic (3rd), the Banyoles race was my first XCO race of the year. And I'm pretty happy to finish second. There’s not much to say about how the race went. Avancini was just stronger than me today. At the end of the race, when my second place was assured, I allowed myself to enjoy it a bit. The whole team has been strong today and it is really encouraging for the future. As far as what I rode, I went with the Alma. I will be using a hardtail this year so I wanted to make my mark with this bike, and I am quite satisfied. The results of the day are good, though I will not lose sight of the fact that this is a preparatory race and we must continue on this path", said Victor Koretzky.

Annie Last (3rd): "Ideal for preparation for the next step"

I knew the level was high, and I'm pretty happy to start the season this way. The Banyoles race is ideal for preparing for the upcoming World Cups. It was also nice to have the whole KMC - Orbea team to support us. Now I’ll head to Chelva next weekend", said Annie Last. And for her part, Malene Degn took 17th place.

Milan Vader

Second last week at the Med Epic, Milan Vader finished 6th at Banyoles: "I was really impatient to start this first XCO race of the season. You really have to have explosive qualities and to be well placed at all times. I’m happy that I finished 6th. Regarding the equipment, I opted for the Oiz, my full suspension. The circuit is not technical but it is very tiring and for me, the Oiz was a good choice.”

Team winners

A week after the team victory at the Med Epic, it was no different at Banyoles. Thomas Litscher, took 8th and as a result, ensured this new success: "I spent the whole race in a chasing group. I wanted to test my form and I am quite satisfied. We'll see where I stand in a week at Chelva."

Full suspension bike: Oiz

Hardtail: Alma

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