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Carrie Lester, second place in the Challenge Roth


The Australian triathlete climbed the podium with a time of 8:42:13, bettering her time from last year

Australian triathlete Carrie Lester came away with a second place finish on her Ordu at the Challenge Roth, crossing the finish line behind Swiss rider Daniela Ryf, who was close to matching the mythical mark earned by Chrissie Wellington in 2011.

Carrie marked a time of 8:42:13, with a slightly more than seven-minute advantage over the the third place finisher, Dutch cyclist Yvonne Van Vlerken.

The Orbea-backed triathlete is climbing in the rankings. After having previously earned third place in this race, this time she has come in second. "You already know it, Daniela, don't bother coming next year!" she joked, after confessing that she had no way to gauge her time during the race, relying on an "instinct" that led her to improve her time over last year.