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Look into the future


When you look into the future, what do you see?

We envision a thriving network of professional bike retailers. Nimble businesses that understand they offer value that can't be replaced by a shipping network. Specialty shops that market a culture - offering services and a staff that embody the passion of cycling.

Who is the customer in this new equation? Even today, a new kind of rider with evolving habits is becoming prominent. Not a consumer shopping for a commodity, but an enthusiast pursuing a lifestyle. A customer who takes advantage of internet onnectivity and the convenience it brings, but desires more service, customization and exclusivity than rock-bottom pricing or a basic shopping portal can provide.

When we look into the future, Orbea sees the need for a lifestyle model that brings these dealers and riders together - because they're the same people. We're all riders who love discussing tire compounds, geometry variations and suspension philosophies. We're cyclists buying and selling not just equipment, but a love for cycling itself. From beginner to veteran, the appeal of the machine is larger than trends in components or business models.

Orbea's Click-and-Collect is a simple name for a very ambitious concept - bringing riders together to forge new relationships. And that's a pretty bright future.