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Orbea Athletes

Kris Coddens and Roger Serrano dominate XTERRA Greece


Both triathletes made the most of their powerful Oiz bikes

The Orbea Oiz did not go unnoticed at the XTERRA Greece Championship this past weekend. The winner, Kris Coddens (the first Belgian to climb atop the podium in an XTERRA championship), and the runner-up, Catalan Roger Serrano, both rode an Oiz bike during the race. And the results were great.

Serrano took an early lead out of the water, but he was overpowered by François Carloni (France). The man from Catalonia was faster than his French rival in the run, coming ahead of him at Km. 8 to finish second. Carloni was third.

Coddens was just spectacular. After being second in XTERRA Greece two years ago, he came out of the water 3 minutes and 30 seconds after Serrano and 2 minutes behind Carloni. He flew on his Oiz and chased both of them down in the first lap of the footrace to take the tape. After the race, he thanked his bike for ‘guiding me along each and every trail.’

Jon Ergüín, third at XTERRA Basque Country

Meanwhile, in Spain, Jon Ergüín came in third at the XTERRA Basque Country, behind the unstoppable winner, Rubén Ruzafa, and runner-up Gonzalo Orozco. Ergüín put up a remarkable performance, climbing positions one by one and reeling in rivals like Juan Carlos Nieto or Aníbal Fidalgo to land third.