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Four Aces


We've earned top scores with Occam, Loki and Rallon on the tests conducted by the demanding German magazines Bike, Freeride and Mountain Bike. It's clearly a winning hand!

The work we've done in the MTB category in recent years has positioned us as one of the most highly valued brands by cyclists. This is why we beam with pride when such rigorous magazines as Bike, Freeride and Mountainbike in Germany award us their highest recognition.

Occam TR H10 Test winner and the bicycle recommended by BIKE.

The German magazine Bike, one of the most prestigious in all of Europe, has given the Occam TR H10 its "Sehr Gut" (very good) rating, the highest awarded by this publication, highlighting its “modern geometry, different configurations and great manageability. A safe bet!”

The heart of this model is its brilliant Fox shocks, which make perfect use of its 120 mm travel as opposed to the many competitors that have more. This is not to mention its modern geometry with short chainstays (thanks to Boost), its horizontal tube length and perfect front angle that provides excellent feeling on descents. The position of the seat tube also makes the bicycle very comfortable when pedaling uphill,” summarizes the German publication.

Bike also emphasizes that the Digit stem guarantees “a perfect position quickly and very intelligently,” without forgetting the graphics and colors that made this Occam “the favorite bike of everyone on the test crew”.

Occam AM H10 Top score from BIKE magazine

“The Occam AM is a cool and very well-equipped bicycle for All Mountain use, intended for ambitious, experienced riders,” assures Bike magazine in reference to a model they were eager to test after the Occam TR won the 29er test.

According to this German publication, “just like in the TR, the boost rear end allows for shorter chainstays and a more compact geometry. The AM frame seems just as streamlined as that of the TR, but it is slightly heavier. In terms of the bike specifications, Orbea's model is based on excellent Fox suspensions, XT shifting and grippy tires. Instead of a traditional telescope seatpost, Orbea has mounted the Digit Seatpost, with great results.”

Rallon X Team 9.5 out of 10 in FREERIDE

Freeride magazine has fallen in love with this enduro bike. And for a lot of reasons: “Its modern geometry, a long horizontal tube, flat head angle and shorter chainstays that other similar bikes. A combination that works very well."

The advantages are immediate. In the opinion of this publication, the Rallon makes it possible to pedal "comfortably, without the bike feeling bulky." “The Rallon X Team accelerates fast and handles curves and high velocity - even on rough ground - very well,” it adds.

The fork works excellently - as was proven on many tests - and it provides a smooth ride, even on the roughest terrain. We should also mention the rear axle, which comes on a new standard Boost that also operates smoothly with the shock absorber and makes the Rallon a medal contender on our lists of the best downhill bicycles”, they comment, concluding with the observation: “Bottom line: it is fast, handy and tough. This Rallon has become much more focused on descending, but without ling its all-round skills. In one sentence: top enduro bike, nice optics and well-engineered suspension set-up”.

Loki HLTD Winner of the test for MOUNTAINBIKE magazine

Fantastic handling, great components and lots of fun on all sorts of terrain.” This is how Mountainbike describes our Loki HLTD, which it gave a rating of “Sehr Gut”, the highest score on its tests.

The components of this bike are far better than those of the competition, and despite all of those fine parts, the weight is less than 13 kg. Really impressive, though, is the geometry of the bicycle with its plus-size tires, which translates into a terrific riding experience: it is smooth and agile all at the same time. On ‘normal’ terrain or quick descents, on rocky, root-traced trails, the Loki provides top level performance. It is magnificent,” they conclude.